Tote Bags: Knowing the Types and Materials


"Understanding Tote Bag Types and Materials for Effective Printing"

Nowadays, plastic bags are a thing in the past. Wherever you go shopping, you will definitely see fellow shoppers carrying an alternative to plastic bags, and that is the more eco-friendly tote bags! As their name suggests, tote bags are just common bags that can be carried around with a lot of stuff in it. A tote bag can come in various sizes, and they only consist of a sack plus a pair of parallel handles on either side to hold the bag by. 


Canvas Bag

Canvas bags are made from compact, firm, heavy plain weave fabric material made out of cotton. They are produced from a knitting technique that makes the bag durable and resistant to wear and tear. The material is commonly used for tents and sails, and also used by artists to draw with. This makes the canvas bag a great promo product for printing.

Aside from their durability, canvas bags are eco-friendly and can come in different kinds of thickness and colors. If the nature of your business is heavily related to the environment, this bag might be the one for you.


Non Woven Bag

Non-woven bags are made of non-woven fabrics that have no interwoven strands, yet they come in an organized internal structure. These fabrics are created by combining the fibres together, then are processed with heat, chemicals, or pressure to produce a cohesive fabric-like material. 

Unlike canvas bags, non-woven bags are much lighter and easier to carry around. That said, this makes them less durable and long-lasting. Non woven bags have a wider range of colors, including vibrant colors like lime green or royal blue. They’re best suited to be used in events or fairs. 


Nylon Bag

Nylon tote bags are made of nylon fiber, a family of synthetic polymers that are usually used to make a variety of apparel plus consumer goods. Unlike the usual organic or semi-synthetic material, nylon fibers are completely synthetic, this means that they contain no organic material. This material is commonly used in outdoor gears, like sleeping bags, umbrellas, tents and more. 

Similar to non-woven bags, nylon bags are light-weighted and have a wide variety of vibrant colors. However they are much more durable and water-proof than non-woven bags. Nylon tote bags are best suited for outdoor use, especially during sporting events. If your brand is based on fitness or sports, you can consider this type of tote bag. The only downside of nylon bags is that they are non-biodegradable.


Wool Felt Bag

The wool felt bag is produced from felt, a non-woven textile fabric and is one of the most common types of material today. The fabric is usually made from wool. The process consists of layering combed wool fibers together with adhesive and then applying high pressure. This results a durable, thick and strong non-woven fabric that can be used in many ways.

Thanks to the material, wool felt bags are eco-friendly like canvas bags. Not only that, they are also durable and long-lasting. Wool-felt bags usually come in dark colors with a distinctive texture, making them stylish and unique. If you’re into something out of the ordinary, wool felt bags are a great pick. 


Jute Bag

Unlike the others, many people are unaware of this bag type — the jute bag. Jute bags are made of the jute fibre, a rough, vegetable material made from the stems. This eco-friendly material is perfect for handmade products, like rugs, sacks, baskets and so on.

Due to its coarse, natural, rustic look, jute bags are easy to tell apart from other bags. They also share similar features with the wool felt bag, which is: durable, eco-friendly and comes in dark, distinctive colors. If your business is more related to handcrafting, jute bags are the way to go. 



With the brief introduction of our tote bags, have you found the right type of bag for your artwork? We sure hope so, feel free to check out our catalog and order your favorite tote bag now!