Print Gift Folding Card Box Custom Size Medium

Custom Gift Fold Box Printing

Box Type: 6 corner folding Box

Snap lock base counter display box is delivered to the customer the way that bottom end is glued and folded. It is already setup and ready to use when unfolded.
It is also known as display box.
It enables quick setup and is suitable for both automatic and manual filling.
Snap lock base, counter display box works well for heavier products. The product should be maximum 1 kg. and shouldn’t spill or leak. If the product is dusty or liquid, it should have its own packaging and the product shouldn’t contact the interior of box directly.
Snap lock base, counter display boxes are preferred especially in the markets including cosmetics, beauty, health, medical, food and toy.

MOQ: 250pcs

Minimum Box Size:
Length (L): 35mm
Width (W): 35mm
Height (H) / Depth (D): 35mm

Maximum Box Size:
Length: 245mm
Width: 200mm
Height / Depth: 60mm

- Gloss Artcard 230gsm
- Gloss Artcard 250gsm
- Gloss Artcard 310gsm
- Gloss Artcard 360gsm




Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.

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