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It comes with sizes below :

Available Size in Height (H) x Width (W) x Depth (D) :

i) 210mm x 140mm x 65mm (PB 001)

ii) 200mm x 215mm x 80mm (PB 002)

iii) 210mm x 285mm x 105mm (PB 003)

iv) 290mm x 200mm x 95mm (PB 004)

v) 350mm x 120mm x 110mm (PB 005)

vi) 295mm x 385mm x 165mm (PB 006)

vii) 350mm x 250mm x 100mm (PB 007)

viii) 360mm x 320mm x 115mm (PB 008)

ix) 260mm x 250mm x 250mm (PB 009)

x) 430mm x 300mm x 110mm (PB 010)

xii) 295mm x 405mm x 125mm (PB 011)

We also offer for laminate,rope colour and as well as rope size to addons.Moreover, this options which includes die-cutting + creasing, Hole Punching, Gluing + Folding are compulsory for who made paper bag with us.It is definitely make a greate finishing towards your paper bag.

Cetak beg kertas tersuai dengan kami.

Beg kertas disertakan dengan saiz di bawah:

Kami juga menawarkan untuk lamina, warna tali dan serta saiz tali untuk tambahan. Lebih-lebih lagi, pilihan ini termasuk pemotongan mati + kedutan, Penebuk Lubang, Pelekatan + Lipatan adalah wajib bagi yang membuat beg kertas dengan kami. Ia pasti membuat penamat yang hebat ke arah beg kertas anda.


All job MUST be submitted with resolution 300dpi

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


The fastest delivery time for multiple design sticker sheets is undefined. Please note that you have to submit your order before 12.00PM. Late payment or upload of your artwork might further delay your order. If you select Online Proof or Digital Proof Print during the checkout process, the production will only begin after your approval.

All of our products are delivered in a securely packed cardboard box.

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Price Calculator

200mm x 215mm x 80mm (PBS 003)210mm x 285mm x 105mm (PBS 004)290mm x 200mm x 95mm (PBS 005)350mm x 120mm x 110mm (PBS 006)295mm x 385mm x 165mm (PBL 001)350mm x 250mm x 100mm (PBL 002)360mm x 320mm x 115mm (PBL 003)410mm x 300mm x 110mm (PBL 005)295mm x 405mm x 125mm (PBL 007)
Total : RM 492.93
Unit Price :RM 9.86

Estimated Total : RM 492.93

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