5 Ways to Promote Your Skills & Art as a Graphic Designer

"Design Your Own Success: Effective Strategies for Promoting Your Graphic Design Skills and Art"

The demand for graphic designers and their particular skills will always be around, as we live in a society that thrives on visual representation. Many have chosen this profession because they know this, but also because they genuinely enjoy creating. As a skilled artist and designer, you might already have an impressive roster of clients, or you might just be starting out in the world of digital arts. Either way, we think it’s important that you put yourself out there by taking additional steps to get your work noticed. We’ve come up with a list of ideas you can turn to when you’re ready to take the next step in your professional journey.

1. Hand Out Promotional Postcards & Stickers

Advertising your talents is no easy feat. You have to put yourself (or more specifically, your work) out there in order to get noticed. Printing your art on products like postcards or stickers and passing them out as a freebie promotional item at places like coffee shops, book stores, and vintage stores will help get your name and your talents out there. People are always looking for a graphic designer for things like book or album covers, or even logo/branding creation – creativity is a skill, but it can only go so far if you don’t market yourself properly. 

With stickers, you can also sell them for profit on your own online store. People love aesthetic stickers that they can place on their water canteen or laptop, and some even collect art stickers as a hobby. 

Make sure you include your website URL / your social media handle somewhere on the prints!

2. Print Large Format Posters of Your Art

You design artwork for your clients, but we can almost bet that you create stuff for fun too. After all, you’re a digital artist! Why not let others admire your work, too? You can print your art on photo-quality large format posters and sell them on your online storefront. 

3. Design & Sell Graphic T-Shirts

Graphic Tees are one of those apparel pieces that will never fully go out of style, and right now, they are without question, all the rage – especially if the design is unique and out of the box. As a graphic designer, you should take full advantage of your craft and design t-shirts that people will undoubtedly add to their wardrobe. 

4. Transform Your Work into Wall Art

Our custom home decor pieces, such as Canvas PrintsFramed PrintsMetal Wall Prints, and more can turn your digital work into a work of art in someone’s personal home collection, or add a little flair to any wall space. Selling these on your online store would be a great way to bring in new clients that enjoy your artistic style.

5. Sell Your Artwork as Digital Files

Many people turn to purchasing digital artwork because they want to choose what medium to print said artwork on. Platforms like Etsy & iStock, among plenty of others, allow graphic designers, photographers, and artists alike to sell their pieces for profit without actually having to deliver a tangible item. On Etsy, you have the option to sell your work directly and gauge your prices to your liking. Selling digital artwork is so simple that it’s almost a no-brainer for graphic artists.