Backlit film is a material upon which graphics or text can be imprinted so that when light shines through from behind, the design lights up. This is an incredible choice for windows or backlit light boxes. It can adhere to acrylic surfaces as well as glass and other surfaces easily. Customers can make the choice for themselves which side of the decal is adhesive, meaning that they can adhere it to the outside face of a lightbox or the inside face of a window. This can be helpful in limiting wear and tear from outside surfaces.
Many customers assume that the process is expensive and tedious for converting a design into signage that is able to function on windows or light boxes and that allows it to be seen at night as well as during the day. What they don’t know is that backlit film can be an incredibly cost-effective strategy for advertisement and an aesthetically pleasing design element for decorative signage.
Backlit Banner
  • Backlit banner is a more durable material and is recommended for a large scale light boxes.
Light Box Backlit 
  • For use in Snap/Slim Lightboxes - Gives an even illumination and great image definition.
  • Choice of Matt or Gloss finish
  • Water Resistant
  • UV Resistant

Backlit Banner MUST be submitted with resolution 600dpi

Light Box Backlit MUST be submitted with resolution 1200dpi

* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline.

Please be informed,

Process time is 7 working day after artwork confirmation 

For further information , please click the whatsapp icon to contact our customer service  

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