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Primarily used in the hospitality industry, table tent cards have been very impactful to many companies’ marketing efforts. But no matter what industry you’re in, you may find ways to make it applicable to your business too. Here are a few universal benefits of using table tent cards for business.
Table tent cards are highly visible, so you will quickly reach the right customers for your brand if it is placed on suitable surfaces. If you know where your ideal customer frequents, why not add a few cards to those areas? Hotels have successfully placed table tent cards in the hotel room to promote their activities, encouraging guests to see more during their stay. Without opening a laptop or looking at their phones, guests get all the information they need from a mini-billboard in their hotel room.


Size: 130mm (W) x 280mm (H) and 130mm (W) x 145mm (H)

Material: Gloss Art Card 310gsm

Print: Color 4C (1 Side)

Finishing: Die Cut + Creasing

Lamination: Gloss (1 Side), Matte (1 Side), Gloss (2 Sides), and Matte ( 2 Sides)


Cetak Kad Meja 3 Bahagian

Percetakan Kad Khemah 3 Sebelah Paling Laris

Digunakan terutamanya dalam industri perhotelan, kad khemah meja telah memberi kesan kepada banyak usaha pemasaran syarikat. Tetapi tidak kira dalam industri yang anda ceburi, anda mungkin mencari cara untuk menjadikannya terpakai pada perniagaan anda juga. Berikut ialah beberapa faedah universal menggunakan kad khemah meja untuk perniagaan.
Kad khemah meja sangat kelihatan, jadi anda akan cepat menjangkau pelanggan yang sesuai untuk jenama anda jika ia diletakkan pada permukaan yang sesuai. Jika anda tahu tempat pelanggan ideal anda sering berkunjung, apa kata tambahkan beberapa kad pada kawasan tersebut. Hotel telah berjaya meletakkan kad khemah meja di dalam bilik hotel untuk mempromosikan aktiviti mereka, menggalakkan tetamu untuk melihat lebih banyak semasa penginapan mereka. Tanpa membuka komputer riba atau melihat telefon mereka, tetamu mendapat semua maklumat yang mereka perlukan daripada papan iklan mini di bilik hotel mereka.

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A 3 sided tent card table talker is a promotional item that is used to display information or advertise products on a table or countertop. It is designed to be folded into a triangle shape with three sides for displaying messages or images.


Yes, most companies that produce 3 sided tent card table talkers allow customers to upload their own designs. You can typically specify the dimensions you need and upload your design when placing your order.


3 sided tent card table talkers are typically printed using digital or offset printing techniques, which allow for precise color and detail. The design is printed onto the paper or cardstock material, and the finished product is then cut and folded into a triangle shape.


Assembling a 3 sided tent card table talker is simple. The printed cardstock is scored and pre-cut to allow easy folding and bending. Once folded into the desired triangle shape, the talker is ready to be displayed on a table or countertop.


While a 3 sided tent card table talker is designed to be durable and long-lasting, it is typically not reusable. However, if the talker is made from high-quality materials, it may be possible to reuse it multiple times.

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130mm (W) x 145mm (H)
Gloss (1 Side)Matte ( 1 Side)Gloss (2 Side)Matte (2 Side)Gloss UV Coating (1 Side)Gloss UV Coating (2 Side)
Total : RM34.88 RM33.14
Unit Price :RM6.63

Estimated Total : RM33.14

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