COVID-19: Guideline Poster / Social Distancing Sticker (Round / Rectangle)

These COVID-19 Guideline Poster and Social Distancing Floor Sticker are suitable for schools, offices, supermarkets, and other gathering places. This set of posters support awareness and actions that can be taken to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. They are some measurements that should be practiced. The poster is of high quality printed posters. Its minimalism can be easily understood by people. We also provide floor stickers with anti scratch lamination so that it can resist from scratches, tears, and other incidental damage.


COVID-19: Poster Garis Panduan / Pelekat Penjarakan Sosial Berbentuk Bulat atau Segi Empat Tepat

Poster Garis Panduan COVID-19 dan Pelekat Lantai Jarak Sosial ini sesuai untuk kegunaan sekolah, pejabat, pasar raya, dan tempat berkumpul orang ramai.




COVID-19: Guideline Poster (1 Set Contain 4 Pieces)
Size: A3 or A4
Material: Art Paper or Sticker

COVID-19: Social Distancing Round Floor Sticker
Anti Scratch Laminate
Size: 3x18 Inch
Colour: Red or Yellow

COVID-19: Social Distancing Rectangle Floor Sticker
Anti Scratch Laminate
Size: 9x9 Inch
Colour: Red or Yellow

Please be informed,

Production day is 2 working days after artwork confirmation exclude shipping days.


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