What Information To Include In Your Business Card


"Business Card Essentials: Information to Include for Effective Networking"

Before you start designing your business card, the first thing you need to do is to always compile the relevant information required. It is important as this is due to the relatively small size of the card, thus limiting the amount of details you can include into it. In this article, we’ll run through the few essential contents to include into your business card!


Your Company Logo

Logos represent your brand’s identity and what your company does in the business industry. This symbol of your brand lets customers identify your company easily with a single glance. So it is very important for it to be on your business card.


Your Name and Designation

Of course, it is a must that every business card should include your name, either your full name or your nickname. When people are going to contact your company from a business card, the contact person will be the one they 're going to talk to.

As for your designation /  position, you should include them on your business card as well. This will get people to recognise your position within the company, and inspire trust, too!


Your Basic Contact Details (mobile number, email, address)

The purpose of a business card is to give people a way to get in contact with you, and you’ll have to tell them how. It is best to include at least one contact method on your business card. In most cases, people will include their mobile number, email or address so that their customers can have many ways to contact them.


Websites or Social Media

Website URL or social media profiles aren’t always necessary but they are useful connecting tools for potential customers. Nowadays, many companies include their website URL into their business card, and with good reason. After all, website URLs are short and simple, so they are perfect to fit in your little business card! 

If your company actively uses social media pages for marketing purposes, including them is also a good idea. A simple instagram or facebook logo with your company name will do in these cases. 


Wrap Up

A useful business card should include your company logo, name, job title, your basic contact details (mobile number, email & address), website and social media handles.