Types of Bags and How to Personalize Them


"Customizing Different Types of Bags for Personal and Business Use"

If you love shopping, tradeshows, conventions or most events, you’re most likely to come across this particular promotional product. That’s right, bags! Bags are great promotional products in this day and age. Not only are they useful and eco-friendly, if you give these out as freebies, they serve as walking billboards to get your brand out there. With this article, you’ll get to see various style and color of bag offered at Gogoprint, and how to customize and get the perfect bag you’ve always wanted! 


Colorful Tote Bags

Tote Bags are easily customizable and can come in various colors and different materials. As for Gogoprint, our bags are mainly made from non-woven or nylon. Tote bags are portable, versatile, washable, cheap and of course pretty to look at.


Recyclable Bags

If normal tote bags aren’t eco-friendly enough, comes recyclable to reduce ‘baggage’ for the environment :) These bags are made of sustainable materials such as canvas, jute and wool-felt to encourage environment-friendliness. If your brand is serious about helping the earth, these bags are just right for you.



String Bags

String bags are affordable and durable bags that are easy to carry around. They are long rectangular bags with a drawstring. The end of each drawstring is attached from the top and bottom of the bag, which create straps for the backpack. Just like tote bags, string bags come in a variety of materials. In our case, our string bags are made from nylon and non-woven materials. 




Pouches are stylish bags that are great for distributions in tradeshows, conferences and special event. They usually have various kind of flaps and are made of various materials. When they come with a small size, they can see it as classy and collect all your essential belonging as you pick. Pouches can be used by anyone with a small size, they’re just that versatile! 



Personalizing Your Bags

Bags are one of the easiest products to customize out there. This is due to the fact that they are large, easy to print on and not to mention trendy. As for what is recommended to put on your exclusive bags, we in Gogoprint are ready to guide you with a few pointers! 

1. Choose your Materials

Depending on your brand, picking the right material for your promotional bag is important. If you are an eco-friendly company, picking wool-felt or jute bags would suit your brand better than other materials. If your brand is more onto the creative side, going for the material with a wide range of colors would be the ideal choice. Speaking of colors...

2. Pick the Right Colors

All brands are associated with colors one way or another. For example if your company is McDonalds, the bag color would normally be red. Picking the best color that complements your company logo is recommended as well. 

3. Be Simple but Bold

Go for the straightforward approach in terms of design, whether it is typography, images or colors. A simple logo, shape or font is good enough as the point is to get the message across to people. After all, your bag is the moving advertisement, and needs to attract attention from afar. 

4. Get Innovative

Keep in mind that simple does not mean boring. Bags with trendy themes are more eye-catching than a simple logo on the bag. Make use of the large canvas that is your promotional bag with creative messages, visuals or even funny cartoons. 

5. Have Fun

Lastly, don’t forget to go wild on your promotional product! Have fun customizing your bags in your own way and stand out among others. Don’t worry, you got this in the bag :)




The best thing about this promo item is its flexibility and diversity to choose from. We hope these given guides can help you in choosing the right bag and customizing it to promote your company.