Lomo Photo

Lomo Photo

Get your Lomo Photo with Printlab Marketing Malaysia.

Photo Frame Standee

Photo Frame Standee

Photo frame standee is suitable for photography industry, shops, or any individual to display individual's memory or organization photos.  

Polaroid Photo

Polaroid Photo

Get your Polaroid with Printlab Marketing Malaysia.

Print Backlit Film, Lightbox Sticker

Backlit Film, Lightbox Sticker

Backlit film sticker banner is a more durable material and is recommended for a large scale light boxes.

A1 A0 Poster Presentation

A1 A0 Poster Presentation

Printing Services for A1 A0 Poster Presentation

Print Canvas, Photo, Signage, Presentation

Large Canvas Photo

Large Photo Canvas Printing Services

Print Photo 4R, Passport, Up To 12R

Photo 4R Up To 12R

Photographs Make a Significant Contribution to the Overall Content.

Print Plan Plotting A1, A0, A2

Plan Plotting A1, A0, A2

We provide high definition reproduction of plan drawings.

Welcome Board Poster Foamboard

Welcome Board Poster Foamboard

Wedding Signage / Welcome Poster Board

Print Poster A3, B4, A4

Poster A3, B4, A4

Produce Promotional Posters to Attract Attention.

Print Mounting Board, Display Board

Mock Up Cheque

Great for displaying products or photos for art framing. Perfect for event, tradeshow, or presentation.