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Lanyards are used by everyone everywhere. Go into an organization and everyone from that company will be wearing a Lanyard from Staff members to Students, Employers to Employees. You will see Lanyards in hospitals, government agencies, retail stores, and many more businesses. Why are lanyards the most simple but effective device so popular? The answer is that they offer many benefits for the holder and the company or organization wearing them.

How Lanyards Benefit the Wearer?

Lanyards offer many benefits for the wearer, as they give them an easy but convenient place to keep their ID Card. It is easily viewed when needed; also your hands are free to do the tasks at hand without any hassle. They can be put on and taken off easily and don’t damage clothing. In the past many companies believed lanyards to be a hazard as they are around your neck but we at Lesar have designed all of our lanyards so that they incorporate a Safety Breakaway attachment which will “Breakaway” when force is applied to the lanyard to stop any nasty accidents.

Specification :

Material : Nylon and Full Color

Width : 15mm, 20mm and 25mm

Lanyard Joining : Riveting, Crimping and Stitching

Attachment Option : Crocodile Clip, Trigger Hook, Oval Hook and D Hook

Extra Option : No Extra Option, Detachable Buckle, Safety Breakaway, Phone or USB Holder, Budge Reel and Yoyo.

Hook Type : Come with free standard hook


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Lanyard digunakan oleh semua orang di mana-mana. Pergi ke organisasi dan semua orang dari syarikat itu akan memakai Lanyard daripada ahli Kakitangan kepada Pelajar, Majikan kepada Pekerja. Anda akan melihat Lanyard di hospital, agensi kerajaan, kedai runcit dan banyak lagi perniagaan. Mengapa lanyard merupakan peranti yang paling mudah tetapi berkesan begitu popular? Jawapannya adalah kerana mereka menawarkan banyak faedah untuk pemegang dan syarikat atau organisasi yang memakainya.

Bagaimana Lanyard Bermanfaat kepada Pemakai?

Lanyard menawarkan banyak faedah untuk pemakainya, kerana ia memberi mereka tempat yang mudah tetapi mudah untuk menyimpan Kad ID mereka. Ia mudah dilihat apabila diperlukan; juga tangan anda bebas melakukan tugasan di tangan tanpa sebarang kerumitan. Ia boleh dipakai dan ditanggalkan dengan mudah dan tidak merosakkan pakaian. Pada masa lalu, banyak syarikat percaya lanyard adalah bahaya kerana ia berada di leher anda tetapi kami di Lesar telah mereka semua lanyard kami supaya mereka menggabungkan lampiran Safety Breakaway yang akan "Breakaway" apabila daya dikenakan pada lanyard untuk menghentikan sebarang kemalangan yang menjijikkan.


Material : Nylon dan Full Color

Lebar: 15mm, 20mm dan 25mm

Cantuman Lanyard : Memancing, Mengelim dan Menjahit

Pilihan Lampiran : Klip Buaya, Cangkuk Pencetus, Cangkuk Bujur dan Cangkuk D

Pilihan Tambahan : Tiada Pilihan Tambahan, Gancu Boleh Ditanggalkan, Pecah Keselamatan, Pemegang Telefon atau USB, Kekili Budge dan Yoyo.

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A lanyard is a strap or cord worn around the neck, wrist, or shoulder to hold items such as identification badges, keys, or small electronic devices. It typically consists of a fabric or woven material with a clip or attachment at the end to secure the item.

Lanyards are commonly used to display identification badges, access cards, or security passes in various settings such as workplaces, conferences, trade shows, or events. They can also be used to hold keys, USB drives, mobile phones, or other small items for convenient access and security

There are several types of lanyards available, including flat lanyards, round lanyards, woven lanyards, tubular lanyards, and custom-printed lanyards. Each type has its own style, material, and customization options to suit different needs and preferences.

Yes, lanyards can be customized with various designs, colors, logos, or text. Customization options include choosing the material, color, width, and attachment type. Custom-printed lanyards allow for personalized branding or messaging to promote a company, event, or cause.

Yes, lanyards can be worn by children, but it's important to consider safety factors. For younger children, it is recommended to use lanyards with safety breakaway features that release when pulled forcefully, reducing the risk of injury. Adult supervision and proper fit should be ensured when children wear lanyards.

Yes, many lanyards come with adjustable features that allow for customizing the length or fit. Adjustable lanyards typically have a sliding buckle or attachment that can be adjusted to the desired length.


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Nylon 20mmNylon 25mm
Trigger HookOval HookD Hook
Crocodile Clip
Trigger Hook
Oval Hook
D Hook
Detachable BuckleSafety BreakawayPhone/USB HolderBudge Reel/Yoyo
No Extra Option
Detachable Buckle
Safety Breakaway
Phone/USB Holder
Budge Reel/Yoyo
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Unit Price :RM9.41

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