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Flip charts are visual aids containing several pages that describe different aspects of a medical topic that are used by the doctor to inform the patient and trigger a discussion with him about his condition. The emphasis is on the images and the content is divided in sections, so the interactive lecture of the flipchart between the physician and the patient delivers a comprehensive step by step review of high educational value. Suitable for education, product catalog, learning material, menu chart, create awareness

Flip charts serve as the perfect solution for retail environments where there is too much information, images or samples to convey and limited square footage to work with.  Flip charts are a presentation signage that is attention-grabbing, and a useful way to organize a lot of information in a consolidated space.

Specification :

Size - A3, A4

Bind Type - Wire O

Stand Size -  

  • A4 ( 210mm x 297mm)-Portrait
  •  A4 ( 210mm x 297mm)-Landscape

Stand Material - Chipboard 1800gsm + Buckram Black

Content Size - 200 x 287mm

Content Material - 

  • Art Card 230gsm
  • Art Card 260gsm

Finishing - No Finishing

Print -

  • Colour 4C(2 Side)
  •  Black 1C(2 Side)

Pages -

  1. 10 Pages
  2. 16 Pages
  3. 20 Pages
  4. 26 Pages
  5. 30 Pages
  6. 36 Pages
  7. 40 Pages

Percetakan Carta Selak Di Malaysia

Cetak Carta Selak

Carta Selak ialah alat bantu visual yang mengandungi beberapa halaman yang menerangkan aspek berbeza topik perubatan yang digunakan oleh doktor untuk memaklumkan pesakit dan mencetuskan perbincangan dengannya tentang keadaannya. Penekanan adalah pada imej dan kandungan dibahagikan dalam bahagian, jadi syarahan interaktif carta selak antara doktor dan pesakit menyampaikan kajian langkah demi langkah yang komprehensif tentang nilai pendidikan tinggi. Sesuai untuk pendidikan, katalog produk, bahan pembelajaran, carta menu, mewujudkan kesedaran

Carta selak berfungsi sebagai penyelesaian yang sempurna untuk persekitaran runcit yang terdapat terlalu banyak maklumat, imej atau sampel untuk disampaikan dan rakaman persegi terhad untuk digunakan. Carta selak ialah papan tanda pembentangan yang menarik perhatian dan cara yang berguna untuk menyusun banyak maklumat dalam ruang yang disatukan.


Saiz - A3, A4

Jenis Ikatan - Wayar O

Saiz Pendirian -

  • A4 ( 210mm x 297mm)-Potret
  •  A4 ( 210mm x 297mm)-Lanskap

Bahan Dirian - Papan serpai 1800gsm + Buckram Hitam

Saiz Kandungan - 200 x 287mm

Bahan Kandungan -

  • Kad Seni 230gsm
  • Kad Seni 260gsm

Kemasan - Tiada Kemasan

Cetakan -

  • Warna 4C(2 Bahagian)
  •  Hitam 1C(2 Bahagian)

halaman -

  • 10 Muka Surat
  • 16 Halaman
  • 20 muka surat
  • 26 Muka Surat
  • 30 muka surat
  • 36 Halaman
  • 40 muka surat
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 A flip chart is a large pad of paper that is mounted on an easel or tripod stand. It is used to display information during presentations or meetings, and allows the presenter to flip through pages as needed.


Flip charts typically use specially designed paper pads that are made to fit the dimensions of the easel or stand. The paper is usually white or yellow and has a light adhesive on the back to prevent it from slipping off the easel.


While flip chart paper is not designed to be reusable, some companies offer reusable flip chart products that use erasable whiteboards or removable sheets that can be replaced as needed.


Setting up a flip chart is simple. First, attach the paper pad to the easel or stand. Then, adjust the height of the stand as needed, and position it in a location where it can be easily seen by the audience.


Flip charts typically use water-based markers, which can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or eraser. Permanent markers should not be used, as they can damage the paper and make it difficult to reuse the flip chart.


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