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Ideal as a focal point for customers or for displaying products. Fabric counter looks great in a variety of promotional areas. Their extreme portability allow it to work perfectly fine for presentation at trade show and product conventions.

  • Apply for: 

    • Exhibition, stalls promotions, lecture, business promotion, store promotions etc.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-assemble

Fabric Promotional Counter Types:

  • Oval Counter
  • Triangle Counter
  • Square Counter
  • Folding Square Counter
  • Round Bar Counter
  • Square Bar Counter
  • Long Oval Counter

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Rekabentuk Cetak Fabrik Kaunter Promosi

Fabrik Kaunter Promosi Terlaris

Kaunter promosi jenis kain fabrik ini sesuai sebagai titik tumpuan bagi pelanggan atau untuk mempamerkan produk anda. Kaunter kain kelihatan hebat untuk digunakan di pelbagai kawasan promosi. Kemudahalihan kain ini membolehkannya berfungsi dengan baik untuk persembahan di pameran perdagangan dan konvensyen produk. Selain itu, sesuai juga untuk promosi gerai, kuliah, promosi perniagaan, promosi kedai dan lain-lain.

Jenis kaunter promosi jenis kain fabrik:
• Kaunter Oval
• Pembilang Segi Tiga
• Kaunter Persegi
• Kaunter Lipat Persegi
• Kaunter Bar Bulat
• Kaunter Bar Persegi
• Kaunter Oval Panjang

All job MUST be submitted with resolution 300dpi

* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline. 


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


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A fabric promotional counter is a type of portable counter used for promoting products or services at trade shows, events, or retail environments. It consists of a lightweight frame covered with a printed fabric graphic that can be customized with branding, logos, or messaging

Fabric promotional counters are lightweight and easy to transport, making them convenient for businesses or individuals who need to set up and take down displays quickly. They are also customizable with high-quality graphics, allowing businesses to promote their brand and messaging effectively.

Fabric promotional counters can typically be assembled in just a few minutes, with most designs requiring no tools for assembly.

Yes, many fabric promotional counters are designed to allow for the fabric graphic to be easily replaced with a new one, providing a cost-effective solution for updating messaging or branding.


Fabric promotional counters are typically designed for indoor use, as they are lightweight and may not be suitable for outdoor environments with high wind or rain. However, some models may be designed specifically for outdoor use. It's important to check the manufacturer's recommendations before using a fabric promotional counter outdoors.

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