Print Mask Keeper, Foldable Masks Storage Clip, Portable Mask Case, Mask.

Container, Foldable Face Mask Keeper, Mask Keeper Case, Foldable Mask Keeper, 口罩夾

Pros Of Mask Keeper Printing:

  • Made of high quality material with additional lamination, they are durable and safe.

  • PORTABILITY: Foldable design, the standard sized mask storage clip is easy to carry, so you can put directly in your pocket or backpack.

  • ​PROTECTIVE: dust and moisture-proof, and can effectively prevent secondary pollution of the disposable mask.

  • ​REUSABLE: The mask storage holder can be reused, and should be cleaned in time after each use.


  • Close Size: 58(H) x 91(W) mm

  • Material:

    • Art Card 230gsm

    • Art Card 260gsm

    • Art Card 310gsm

  • Printing: Colour One Sided Printing

  • Finishing:

    • Single Sided Gloss Lamination

    • Single Sided Matt Lamination

    • Double Sided Gloss Lamination

    • Double Sided Matt Lamination




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  • Order cut off time: 12:00pm
  • Delivery or self pickup time: 4:30pm

Print Mask Keeper, Klip Penyimpanan Topeng Lipat, Sarung Topeng Mudah Alih, Topeng.

Pencetakan Pros Of Mask Keeper:

Diperbuat daripada bahan berkualiti tinggi dengan laminasi tambahan, ia tahan lama dan selamat.

PORTABILITY: Reka bentuk yang boleh dilipat, klip penyimpanan topeng bersaiz standard mudah dibawa, jadi anda boleh memasukkan terus ke dalam poket atau beg galas anda.

PROTEKTIF: tahan debu dan kelembapan, dan dapat mencegah pencemaran sekunder dari topeng pakai buang dengan berkesan.

REUSABLE: Pemegang penyimpanan topeng dapat digunakan kembali, dan harus dibersihkan tepat pada waktunya setelah setiap penggunaan.


Tutup Saiz: 58 ( H ) x 91 ( W ) mm


Kad Seni 230gsm

Kad Seni 260gsm

Kad Seni 310gsm

Percetakan: Percetakan Satu Sisi Warna


Laminasi Gloss Sisi Tunggal

Laminasi Matt Sisi Tunggal

Laminasi Gloss Berganda

Laminasi Matt Berganda

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A mask keeper, also known as a mask storage case or mask holder, is a container designed to store and protect face masks when they are not being worn. It provides a hygienic and convenient solution for keeping masks clean, organized, and easily accessible.


Using a mask keeper offers several benefits. It helps to keep your face masks clean and free from dust, dirt, and other contaminants when not in use. It also prevents masks from getting damaged or bent, prolonging their lifespan. Additionally, a mask keeper ensures that your masks are readily available and easy to find when needed.


Using a mask keeper is simple. After removing your mask, fold it neatly and place it inside the mask keeper. Ensure that the mask is clean and dry before storing it. Close the case or secure the holder to keep the mask protected until its next use.

Yes, most mask keepers are designed to accommodate various types and sizes of masks, including disposable masks, cloth masks, surgical masks, or N95 respirators. However, it's essential to check the dimensions and capacity of the mask keeper to ensure it can fit your specific mask type.

Some mask keepers offer personalization options, such as custom prints, colors, or labels. This allows you to add your name, initials, or other designs to make your mask keeper easily identifiable or reflect your personal style.

Many mask keepers are designed to be portable and easily carried in pockets, purses, or bags. Compact and lightweight options are available, making it convenient to take your masks with you wherever you go.

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