A Frame Handheld Poster Stand Offset

A Frame Handheld Poster Stand 

Do you want to advertise your product? maybe you can try with A Frame Handheld poster stand . At Printlab, we provide a very high quality 'A' Frame Poster Stand. The price listed is for the stand only, to find out the specifications you can see below

    Specification :

Size -  64cm(W) x 120cm (H) x 42cm(D), 64cm(W) x 120cm (H) x 60cm(D), 94cm(W) x 150cm (H) x 75cm(D)

Graphic Size - 60cm(W) x 90cm(H), 90cm(W) x 120cm(H)

Material - Plastic & Steel

Graphic Side - 1 Side, 2 Side


Bingkai Pegang Tangan Poster Stand Tersuai

Stand Poster Bingkai Pegang Tangan.

Adakah anda ingin mengiklankan produk anda? mungkin anda boleh mencuba dengan A Frame Handheld poster stand . Di Printlab, kami menyediakan Stand Poster Bingkai 'A' berkualiti tinggi. Harga yang tertera adalah untuk stand sahaja, untuk mengetahui spesifikasi yang anda boleh lihat di bawah

Saiz - 64cm(W) x 120cm (H) x 42cm(D), 64cm(W) x 120cm (H) x 60cm(D), 94cm(W) x 150cm (H) x 75cm(D)

Saiz Grafik - 60cm(W) x 90cm(H), 90cm(W) x 120cm(H)

Bahan - Plastik & Keluli

Bahagian Grafik - 1 Bahagian, 2 Bahagian



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* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline. 

Please be informed, processing day is 3, 4, 5, or 6 working days after artwork confirmation.


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An A-frame handheld poster stand is a portable display stand designed to hold and showcase posters or signage. It consists of a frame with two connected panels that form an "A" shape, allowing it to stand upright on its own.

A typical A-frame handheld poster stand features a lightweight and foldable design for easy transportation and storage. It has two panels where posters or signage can be inserted, usually held in place by clips or slide-in slots. The stand may also have a handle or grip for comfortable handheld use.

The sizes of posters that an A-frame handheld poster stand can accommodate may vary depending on the specific product. Common sizes include A4 (210mm x 297mm), A3 (297mm x 420mm), and A2 (420mm x 594mm). Some stands may have adjustable panels or offer customization options to accommodate different poster sizes.

A-frame handheld poster stands are typically made of lightweight yet durable materials such as aluminum, plastic, or steel. These materials ensure stability and durability while keeping the stand lightweight and portable.


The process of inserting or changing posters in an A-frame handheld poster stand varies depending on the specific design. Common methods include opening the clips or slide-in slots on the panels, sliding out the existing poster, and inserting a new one. Some stands may have additional features like snap frames for quick and easy poster changes.

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Price Calculator

120cm(H) x 90cm(W)
90cm(H) x 60cm(W)
120cm(H) x 90cm(W)
2 Side
Total : RM225.00
Unit Price :RM225.00

Estimated Total : RM225.00

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