Acrylic Key Chain Custom Size

Gantungan Kunci Saiz Custom

Best Selling Acrylic Key Chain Custom Size

We can make promotional corporate acrylic keychains for your business, organization or club. Custom crylic keychain are a brilliant promotional product which everyone can use and will carry with them to help expose your logo and business.

All our acrylic key chains include full color designs to suit any logo. We can produce promotional acrylic key chain that will last for a long time. To get a quote on a custom made acrylic key chain for your business, club or organization simply contact us and we will go through the design and layout of your to make sure you get the product you want.

Key Chain Hole Size at Acrylic: 2mm
Artwork Safe Zone: 3mm



Ukuran Custom Rantai Kunci Akrilik

Percetakan Rantai Kunci Akrilik Terlaris

Kami boleh membuat rantai kunci akrilik korporat promosi untuk perniagaan, organisasi atau kelab anda. Keychain kripto khusus adalah produk promosi yang cemerlang yang boleh digunakan dan akan dibawa oleh semua orang untuk membantu mendedahkan logo dan perniagaan anda.

Semua rantai kunci akrilik kami merangkumi reka bentuk warna penuh yang sesuai dengan logo mana pun. Kami dapat menghasilkan rantai kunci akrilik promosi yang akan bertahan lama. Untuk mendapatkan sebut harga pada rantai kunci akrilik yang dibuat khas untuk perniagaan anda, kelab atau organisasi hanya menghubungi kami dan kami akan membuat reka bentuk dan susun atur anda untuk memastikan anda mendapat produk yang anda mahukan.

Ukuran Lubang Rantai Kunci di Akrilik: 2mm
Zon Selamat Karya Seni: 3mm

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Acrylic has several benefits, including being lightweight, shatter-resistant, and UV-resistant. It is also transparent and can be easily molded into different shapes and sizes.


Yes, acrylic can be painted with acrylic paints. However, it is important to properly prepare the surface before painting and to use the appropriate type of paint.


Acrylic is not as heat-resistant as some other materials, such as glass. It can melt or warp if exposed to high temperatures, so it should be kept away from heat sources.


Acrylic can be cut using a saw, laser cutter, or CNC router. It is important to use the appropriate cutting tool and to take proper safety precautions, as acrylic can produce sharp edges when cut.


Yes, acrylic is recyclable. However, it is important to check with your local recycling center to see if they accept it and what the specific guidelines are for recycling acrylic.

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