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We offer thesis printing service to help students receive high quality and fast binding service they deserve. We also offer a variety of material and binding options that can be produced in a matter of hours.

  • Covers can be stamped with a gold foil, university logo with your title, name, and year. 
  • The hardcover wraping comes with five colours: black, maroon, dark blue, milk blue & green.
  • We carry the highest quality archival thesis papers that satisfy all.
  • Good hardcover holds utmost importance and regards in the life of any student or researcher.


Process of print words and logos onto hardcover by our in-house hot stamping machine


Process of hard cover hot stamping (Gold Stamping)

Process of hard cover logo stamping (Gold Stamping)

Rekabentuk Cetak Jilid Kulit Tebal Tesis

Jilid Kulit Tebal Tesis Terlaris

Printlab menawarkan perkhidmatan percetakan tesis penjilidan berkulit tebal (hardcover). Kami di sini menawarkan perkhidmatan menjilid thesis / hardcover untuk sekolah, diploma, degree, master, phd, syarikat mahupun perpustakaan.

Kenapa memilih kami?

Kami berpengalaman dalam membuat buku kulit tebal / penjilidan hard cover. Kami mempunyai mesin jilid buku dan operator yang berpengalaman. 
Kualiti terjamin mengikut spesifikasi universiti atau specifikasi anda.

All job MUST be submitted with resolution 300dpi

* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline. 

Please be informed, process days depends on order quantity.



The fastest delivery time for multiple design sticker sheets is undefined. Please note that you have to submit your order before 12.00PM. Late payment or upload of your artwork might further delay your order. If you select Online Proof or Digital Proof Print during the checkout process, the production will only begin after your approval.

All of our products are delivered in a securely packed cardboard box.

If you can't find what you need, please call our customer service team at the above-mentioned number to help you place an order. You can also request a quote from our customer service team for special product configurations that are not available on our website.

A hardcover thesis refers to a thesis or dissertation document that is bound with a hardcover casing. It provides a durable and professional-looking cover for the document.

Opting for a hardcover binding for your thesis offers several benefits. It provides extra protection to your document, making it more durable and resistant to wear and tear. A hardcover also lends a polished and formal appearance to your thesis, which is particularly important for academic and professional presentations.

Yes, hardcover theses can be produced in various sizes, depending on your institution's requirements or your personal preferences. Common sizes include standard A4 or letter size, but custom sizes may also be available depending on the printing and binding service.

Your file can be uploaded either before you checkout and pay, or after. Please note that uploading files late might result in a moved expected delivery date.

The best format for submitting print-ready files is PDF, under the PDF/X-1a standard. Learn how to save your artwork using PDF/X-1a standard in Adobe Illustrator. Our graphic designers will then convert your file into a print-ready PDF file.

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