Sticker FAQs: Get the Low-Down


"Sticker Printing FAQs: Answers to Common Questions"

Are you in a sticky situation when you’re ordering stickers? ;) We always try to make your ordering process as smooth as we can. However, it is a different world when it comes to stickers and printing, there will always be questions that need to be answered. Now, we are looking into the most frequent questions we get at Printlab to help you get started when you order our stickers! 


What is the difference between the various stickers offered at Printlab?

Although our sticker printing and materials may seem similar, there are different characteristics between each of them that differentiates their functionality. Paper Sticker and kraft stickers for example are not waterproof thus they are not suitable to be refrigerated, however this makes them easier to be written on as they absorb ink easily. White PE Stickers are waterproof and stretchable which allows them to be placed on food related products. If you’re looking for the right material to print, fear not, as you can refer to our table below to make the best decision for your stickers! 



Do you offer multiple designs on one sticker sheet?

As of now, we only offer a single sticker design on a sticker sheet, so there are no options in placing multiple designs on one sheet. That being said, multiple sticker designs on one sticker sheet does look cool when you get your hands on it. We would love them too! Perhaps in the future we may offer this possibility in our website. When that happens, we will definitely let you know!



For sticker sheets, if I were to order a quantity of 50 stickers on the website, does that mean I will get 50 A4 sheets of stickers?

Should you order the amount of 50 stickers, we will then print a total amount of 50 stickers and fit them into A4 sheets. Fun fact: the size of the stickers you choose can affect the number of A4 sheets you will receive however, and that brings us to the next question! 



Can I choose a specific amount of stickers to print on a single sheet? If so, How many stickers can I print per sheet?

As the amount of stickers printed on a single A4 sheet is actually dependent on the size of the sticker you intend to print, you cannot choose the desired amount of stickers to print on a sheet. Let's say you can fit 30 strawberries at most in a small box, but you cannot fit 30 oranges in the same small box. Instead, only 2 oranges are able to be placed into the small box. This is the same with the amount of stickers to be printed on A4 sheets, the smaller your sticker size is, the more amount it will be printed on a single A4 sheet, and vice versa.



How do I create a vector cutting line for stickers?

A vector cutting line is a vector file that is mandatory to create a shape for your stickers. Think of it as a customized cookie-cutter, but for your stickers! Only certain softwares are able to create vectors, such as adobe illustrator or even Canva. If you’d like a more detailed explanation on creating vector cutting lines



What is the difference between CMYK and Spot Colors for stickers? 

But to further reiterate, spot colors are basically solid colors (without any transparency) and are achieved using pre-mixed inks. As such, spot colors do not support raster images, gradients or shades. Spot Colors are generally rich in color and highly recommended for simple, vector logos to achieve the best results.

Whereas CMYK colors are achieved by superimposing a series of dots in the 4 basic colors (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK) to create different final colors. Unlike spot colors, CMYK supports raster images, gradients and shades, this makes them suitable for complicated designs such as photos. 

Currently, our roll stickers offer this kind of variation for you to choose from, either CMYK or spot colors!



Am I able to print the color white on stickers? 

Yes and no. When it comes to CMYK printing, there is in fact no white applied on your stickers, this is because the “white” you see on the usual paper materials are already white themselves! Which means this would become a problem when it comes to certain sticker materials. Kraft, or transparent have unique surfaces that may affect the colours of your printed artwork. For example, light colors such as pastel pink would barely appear visible with these specific materials. 

That is not to say printing white colors cannot be done. White color is unique in that it is categorized as a spot color instead, which is a special ink as we mentioned in the previous question. Our kraft and transparent stickers may not offer the option to print white colors yet, but our wall stickers do offer this special printing to make your stickers extraordinary! 




Why does my sticker printing result look different when I print with different materials, even with the same artwork used?

Printing results may vary between materials and printing techniques. For example, some stickers are printed using inkjet printing, which may affect the final result to appear grainy. While others are printed using digital / offset printing, which may appear clearer in result. The printing results are also dependent on the materials used, simili stickers for example, absorb ink easier than other stickers thus will appear rich in color when printed.




We hope your journey with our answers will be the solution to your questions. If you have any more inquiries in mind, feel free to drop us a call or email us! In Gogoprint, we will answer as many queries you have to make your ordering process go smoothly. After all, there are so many variations of stickers to choose from, and lots of printing techniques to learn with stickers.