Static window sticker or road-tax sticker, is also known as static cling sticker is offered with multiple sizes.

Static window sticker can:

  1. Advertise and appeal products or services to clients or consumers
  2. Be printed for roadtax sticker, vehicle maintenance label, car entry pass sticker, resident sticker, parking permits sticker, vip car sticker, club car sticker, drive-thru sticker, university car sticker printing
  3. Be easily removed and reuse again.

Static Window Sticker Specification:

  • Size:
    • 54mm x 89mm
    • 75mm x 75mm
    • 75mm x 110mm
    • 90mm x 110mm
    • 100mm x 100mm
    • 90mm x 165mm
    • 130mm x 145mm
    • 90mm x 220mm
    • 130mm x 170mm
    • 145mm x 165mm
    • 90mm x 420mm
    • 104mm x 420mm
    • 297mm x 420mm
    • 310mm x 445mm
  • Material: Static Window Sticker
  • Printing:
    • One Layer Printing (Colour)
    • Two Layers Printing (Colour + White)
    • Three Layers Printing (Colour + White + Colour); Both Sides View
  • Additional: Serial Number

Create your road tax or car window sticker now!

Please contact our customer service representative for product size template.

All job MUST be submitted with resolution

* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline.

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