ID Card Printing

Print Membership Card, Employee Card, Student Card, PVC Card, Discount Card, VIP Card


ID card or identity card is used to prove a person's identity in an organization, medium or large corporation, etc.

ID Card Benefits:

  1. Connect a person to information about the person

  2. Increase security where we can easily identify people who aren't employees, students, or approved visitors.

  3. Ease of use; able to use as an access card

ID Card Specification:

  • Size: 86mm x 54mm
  • Printing:
    • Single Sided Printing
    • Double Side Printing
  • Artwork Option:
    • Same Artwork:
      • Single Sided Printing: One Side Uses One Artwork
      • Double Sided Printing: Both Sides Use Two Artworks
    • Different Artwork:
      • Single Sided Printing: One Side Uses Multiple Different Artworks
      • Double Sided Printing: Both Sides Use Multiple Different Artworks
  • Hire Designer
    • Hire Designer For Full Design (1 /2 Sides)
    • Readjust Detail (1 / 2 Sides)
    • Readjust Detail + Photo (1 / 2 Sides)

Minimum Order Quantity As Low As One!
Make Your Business Looks Professional!

All job MUST be submitted in PDF file with resolution of 

* Please save your artwork in PDF file without guideline. 

Please Be Informed, Process Day Is 5 Working Days After Artwork Confirmation.

       Please Send Your Artwork In Two PDF Files:

  1. Normal Artwork File
  2. Reflected Artwork File

For further information, please click the whatsapp icon to contact our customer service representative.  

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