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Sky Danceris an inflatable moving advertising product comprising a long fabric tube (with two or more outlets), which is attached to and powered by an electrical fan. As the electrical fan blows air through the fabric tube, this causes the tube to move about in a dynamic dancing or flailing motion.

Great impact for outdoor displays! Most commonly used at car yard sales, local market stalls and sporting events these air dancer tubes are the perfect way to get your brand noticed.

Flag Material: Flag Fabric 70gsm
Artwork Size (Width x Height): 1066 x 4657 mm / 42 x 144 inch
Finishing: Sewing

Blower Fan: Aluminium Alloy / Plastic
Weight: 12.3kg




Tiub Air Dancer

Tiub Penari Terlaris

Bentuk tiub air dancer berterbangan ke seluruh arah menarik perhatian kanak-kanak, orang ramai dan pelanggan yang berpotensi yang melalui premis perniagaan anda dan dilihat dari jalan raya. Item yang menarik ini boleh dicetak dengan bermacam-macam grafik dan warna, membuatkan ianya alat yang fleksibel untuk apa-apa bisnes, amat sempurna untuk mempamerkan logo syarikat untuk menaikkan jenama dalam mana-mana acara atau dipasangkan di hadapan premis.
Impak yang sangat berkesan untuk pameran luaran! Kebanyakkannya digunakan pada jualan kereta penghujung tahun, pasaraya tempatan dan acara sukan, tiub air dancer ini adalah pelengkap untuk mempromosikan jenama anda.

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A sky dancer flag, also known as an inflatable tube man or air dancer, is an attention-grabbing advertising inflatable that features a tall, inflatable fabric tube with arms that wave and dance in the air when filled with air.

A sky dancer flag works by using a high-powered fan to blow air into the inflatable tube, causing it to inflate and take shape. The air pressure inside the tube creates a dynamic motion, causing the arms of the sky dancer flag to wave, dance, and attract attention.

Sky dancer flags offer several advantages for advertising purposes. They are highly visible and can be seen from a distance, making them effective for attracting attention and drawing crowds. The dynamic and animated motion of the sky dancer flag creates a captivating display. They are also portable, easy to set up, and suitable for various events and locations.

Setting up a sky dancer flag involves a few steps. First, ensure that the fan is securely attached to the base. Then, connect the fan to a power source and turn it on to inflate the tube. Once the tube is fully inflated, it will start waving and dancing. Make sure the sky dancer flag is placed on a stable surface, and secure it with ropes or stakes if necessary.

Sky dancer flags are generally reusable. The fabric tube can be deflated and stored for future use. However, it's important to properly maintain and store the sky dancer flag to ensure its longevity and performance.

To clean a sky dancer flag, gently wipe the fabric tube with a mild detergent and water solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the fabric. Allow the sky dancer flag to air dry completely before storing it. When not in use, deflate the tube and store it in a dry and clean area to protect it from dirt, moisture, and sunlight.

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