Waterproof Wristband Printing in Malaysia

Print Wristband Waterproof Custom Size

Best Selling Wristband Waterproof Custom Size

Custom Size Waterproof wristband printing for special event.

Pros of Wristband Custom Size:

  • Different colour options for guests is an easy way for security detail to quickly identify the level of access an attendee has.
  • Allows guests to move around and get past event staff very efficiently.
  • Lightweight, waterproof, and tearproof.
  • Excellent way to increase awareness for your brand

Suitable for special events such as :

  • Birthday party
  • Sports events
  • Product launch
  • Musical festivals
  • Exhibition

Wristband Specification:

Size :

i)18mm (Height) x 255mm(Width)

ii)25mm (Height) x 255mm(Width)

Material : Matt Synthetic Paper 175gsm 

Delivery Sheet Size

i) For 18mm (Height) x 255mm(Width) size, 1 Sheet = 10 Wristbands .

ii) For 25mm (Height) x 255mm(Width) , 1 Sheet = 8 Wristbands.


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Percetakan Gelang Tangan Kalis Air di Malaysia

Cetakan Gelang Tangan Kalis Air

Gelang Tangan Kalis Air Terlaris

Kelebihan :

  • Pilihan warna yang berbeza untuk tetamu ialah cara mudah untuk butiran keselamatan mengenal pasti dengan cepat tahap akses yang dimiliki oleh peserta.

  • Membolehkan tetamu bergerak dan melepasi kakitangan acara dengan sangat cekap.
  • Ringan dan kalis air
  • Cara terbaik untuk meningkatkan kesedaran untuk jenama anda

Sesuai untuk majlis khas seperti:

  • Parti hari lahir
  • Acara sukan
  • Pelancaran produk
  • Perayaan muzikal
  • Pameran

Spesifikasi gelang tangan:

    Saiz: Saiz Tersuai
    Bahan: Kertas Sintetik
    Memotong: Potong Mengikut Saiz

Saiz : 18mm (Tinggi) x 265mm(Lebar) *hanya satu saiz

Bahan: Kalis Air (Polyster 36micron)

Saiz Helaian Penghantaran : 

i) Untuk saiz 18mm (Tinggi) x 255mm(Lebar), 1 Helaian = 10 Gelang Tangan .

ii) Untuk 25mm (Tinggi) x 255mm(Lebar), 1 Helaian = 8 Gelang

Dapatkan cetakan gelang tangan berkualiti tinggi sekarang!


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A wristband is a wearable band or strap that is worn around the wrist. It is typically made of fabric, silicone, plastic, or vinyl material and is designed to be comfortable and adjustable.

Wristbands serve various purposes, including identification, access control, security, promotion, or support for a cause. They are commonly used at events, concerts, festivals, conferences, amusement parks, or healthcare facilities to identify attendees, grant access to specific areas, track admissions, promote brands or causes, or indicate special privileges.

Yes, many wristbands are adjustable to accommodate different wrist sizes. Fabric wristbands often have adjustable closures, such as plastic or metal clasps that allow for a secure and comfortable fit. Silicone, plastic, or vinyl wristbands are usually designed with stretchable or adjustable bands to fit various wrist sizes.

Yes, wristbands are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, depending on the material used. Fabric wristbands are generally more suitable for water activities, while silicone, plastic, or vinyl wristbands are often more durable and can withstand water exposure or physical activities.

Yes, wristbands can be used effectively for fundraising or charitable purposes. They can be customized with a specific message or cause to raise awareness and support. Wristbands are often used as a symbol of unity, solidarity, or support for various charitable organizations or campaigns.

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Price Calculator

25mm (H) x 255mm (W)
Matt Synthetic Paper 175gsm
Total : RM 90.00
Unit Price :RM 0.90

Estimated Total : RM 90.00

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Waterproof Custom Size Wristband Specification:

Size :

i)18mm (Height) x 255mm(Width)

ii)25mm (Height) x 255mm(Width)

Material : Matt Synthetic Paper 175gsm 

Delivery Sheet Size 

i) For 18mm (Height) x 255mm(Width) size, 1 Sheet = 10 Wristbands .

ii) For 25mm (Height) x 255mm(Width) , 1 Sheet = 8 Wristbands.

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