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For many people, hand fans are less than an afterthought - they're a non-thought. But there's evidence that they should. Promotional hand fans are a valuable tool, as recently evidenced on the televised pop culture phenomenon that is American Idol.

For a business or organization, hand fans offer a large printable area and the chance to customize with the business name, logo and contact information. The practical nature of the hand fan at an outdoor event puts the desired information right into customers' hands, giving them a chance to see and remember it.

Sports fans too have seen the benefits of hand fans for promoting their favorite team. Available in either economical paper or more durable plastic varieties, custom sports hand fans put the "fan" back in fanatic!

Specification :

Size : PFS 001/002/003 (178 mm x 165 mm), PFM 001 (178 mm x 245 mm), PFL 001 (234 mm x 245 mm)
Material : Gloss Art Card 310gsm, Gloss Art Card 360gsm
Print Color : 4C (Both)
Compulsory : Die Cut + Fan Handle Assembly

Cetakan Kipas Tangan di Malaysia

Percetakan Kipas Tangan Terlaris

Bagi kebanyakan orang, kipas tangan bukanlah sesuatu yang difikirkan - ia adalah sesuatu yang tidak difikirkan. Tetapi ada bukti bahawa mereka sepatutnya. Peminat tangan promosi adalah alat yang berharga, seperti yang dibuktikan baru-baru ini pada fenomena budaya pop yang disiarkan di televisyen iaitu American Idol.

Untuk perniagaan atau organisasi, peminat tangan menawarkan kawasan boleh cetak yang besar dan peluang untuk menyesuaikan dengan nama perniagaan, logo dan maklumat hubungan. Sifat praktikal kipas tangan pada acara luar meletakkan maklumat yang diingini terus ke tangan pelanggan, memberi mereka peluang untuk melihat dan mengingatinya.

Peminat sukan juga telah melihat faedah peminat tangan untuk mempromosikan pasukan kegemaran mereka. Terdapat sama ada dalam kertas jimat atau jenis plastik yang lebih tahan lama, peminat tangan sukan meletakkan "kipas" itu semula dalam bentuk fanatik!

Saiz : PFS 001/002/003 (178 mm x 165 mm), PFM 001 (178 mm x 245 mm), PFL 001 (234 mm x 245 mm)
Bahan : Gloss Art Card 310gsm, Gloss Art Card 360gsm
Warna Cetakan : 4C (Kedua-duanya)
Wajib : Die Cut + Pemasangan Pemegang Kipas


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Yes, some hand fans are designed to fold or collapse for easy portability. Folding fans typically have a series of pleated folds that allow them to be compact when closed and expanded when opened.


While hand fans are commonly used for cooling, they can also serve other purposes. In various cultures, hand fans are used for ceremonial or traditional dances, as decorative accessories, or as a form of artistic expression.


 Yes, hand fans can be personalized or customized. Some manufacturers offer options to add personalized designs, names, or logos to hand fans. Additionally, you can decorate plain hand fans yourself using paints, markers, or attaching embellishments.


Hand fans can be used outdoors, but their effectiveness in cooling depends on the airflow in the environment. In areas with high humidity or little air movement, hand fans may provide limited relief. However, they can still be used as decorative or cultural accessories.


The cleaning method depends on the materials used for the hand fan. For delicate fans made of silk or paper, gently wipe them with a soft, dry cloth. Fans made of sturdier materials like plastic or wood can be cleaned with a damp cloth or mild soap and water. Avoid submerging the fan in water.

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PFS 002 (178 mm x 165 mm)PFS 003 (178 mm x 165 mm)PFM 001 (178 mm x 245 mm)PFL 001 (234 mm x 245 mm)
Gloss Art Card 360gsm
Total : RM395.99
Unit Price :RM7.92

Estimated Total : RM395.99

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