Food Menu, Hardcover Menu

Print Food Menu / Menu Book for your restaurant, hotel or resort.

Starts at RM 155.00

Food Wrapping Paper Custom Design

Food wrapping paper printing to improve your business branding

Starts at RM 468.86

Money Packet CNY

Print Custom Or Ready Made Money Packet, Ang Pao Printing Malaysia.

Cetak Sampul Duit Raya Menggunakan Design Sendiri Atau Design Yang Kami Sediakan.

Starts at RM 169.88

Flash Stamp

Pre-inked stamp with variety of rubber sizes.

Starts at RM 18.00

Stand Up Pouch

Transparent or Aluminium Stand Up Ziplock Pouch Printing

Starts at RM 660.08


Print Waterproof Wristband With Text And Logo

Starts at RM 51.94

Counter Top Brochure Holder

Print brochure holder for retail store, front desk office, supermarket, or promotional place.

Wobbler Offset

The most easy-to-use, low cost, effective (and even hip!) POS marketing innovations

Starts at RM 147.47

Paper Placement Mat

Custom your own paper placement mat for your restaurant with us

Starts at RM 59.25

Bookmark Digital

The bookmark description is very important for this purpose. It is something to help to organize the websites you catalogued, as are the folders in a hierarchical structure, within which the bookmarks are saved.Design your bookmark now!

Starts at RM 19.00

Loopless Luggage Tag

Printlab offers luggage tags printing aimed at making your trip easier in the future

Starts at RM 52.40

Photo Frame Standee

Photo frame standee is suitable for photography industry, shops, or any individual to display individual's memory or organization photos.  

Starts at RM 17.82

Certificate Folder

Personalize your graduation folder with us now! It is a must to have our unique graduation folder.

Starts at RM 40.86

Bookmark Offset

We provide, you choose! With an additional option included, you can now go for a round corner as the finishing touch of your personalized / custom bookmark.Moreover, our talented team of graphic designers can also help you with your bookmark design. Get in touch with us today for bookmark printing in Malaysia.

Starts at RM 40.50

Canvas Tote Bag Offset

Print Your Design On Canvas Tote Bag Offset. Custom Tote Bag With Your Own Style. Full Color A4 Size Printing On Canvas Tote Bag.

Starts at RM 1,216.35

A4 Certificate

Add credibility to your company by printing your certificate with us now!

Starts at RM 14.84

Gift Wrapping Paper Digital

Customize gift wrapping paper according to your imagination and taste with us now !

Starts at RM 15.00

Gift Wrapping Paper Offset

Customize gift wrapping paper according to your imagination and taste with us now !

Starts at RM 266.14

Paper Bag Offset

Grab yours now! You can customized on your paper bag with different size and other options to add on.

Starts at RM 387.52

Hand Fan

Starts at RM 336.59

Cereal Box

Starts at 1 Unit

Starts at RM 14.07

Sandwich Box

For restaurants, food trucks, or groceries, sandwich packaging is just as important as the products they sell. Customers see it before they even see the food, therefore making custom packaging box the perfect way to set yourself apart.

Starts at RM 44.97

Wobbler Digital

Design your wobbler with Printlab Malaysia.You can customized your own wobbler design with laminate or without lamination.

Starts at RM 66.35

Polaroid Photo

Get your Polaroid with Printlab Marketing Malaysia.

Starts at RM 32.00
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