Memory Vaccine Card Printing, Cetak Kad Vaksin Memori

Vaccination Memory Card Printing In Two Sided. 

Side 1: Standard Pre Design Artwork.

Side 2: Print Screen Vaccine Certificate and your photo or company logo.

For security reason, both side will be written " This is not a Vaccine Card "

Benefits of Having Vaccination Card / Kad Vaksinasi:

  • Good quality PVC material; it is durable and waterproof.
  • Small and convenient to carry.
  • As a proof that one has received certain vaccines.
  • Standy-by to display when no data internet coverage to retrieve digital certificate in Mysejahtera App.
  • Standy-by to display when smartphone run out battery.


  • Size: 54 x 86mm,
  • Material: PVC Plastic Card,
  • Printing: Two Sided Printing,
  • Full Colour,
  • Borderless,
  • Round Corner.

Terma & Syarat:

1. Kami tidak akan menyunting sebarang maklumat pada sijil vaksinasi.

2. Kami hanya mencetak sijil yang dihantar melalui tangkapan skrin daripada aplikasi mysejahtera.

3. Gambar yang dihantar perlu tulen daripada aplikasi, sekiranya ia diolah dan di luar daripada pengetahuan kami, kami tidak akan sekali-kali bertanggungjawab atas tindakan tersebut. 


Term & Condition:
1. We only do printing service base on smartphone print screen picture from customer.
2. We do not provide edit on name, nric number or any details in mysejahtera digital certificate.
3. Edit details in mysejahtera digital certificate is against the law of Malaysia.
4. Customer responsible for the genuine of the content inside print screen picture, we don't not responsible for any false or fake information inside print screen picture.





Please be informed,

Process day(s): 2 days for order placed before 12.00PM

After 12:00pm, shipping or collection is on the next two working day.


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