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A gondola price strip is a type of label holder that is commonly used in retail stores to display pricing information on shelves or gondola units.

There are several benefits of using gondola price strips in a retail setting, including:

  1. Improved organization: Price strips help keep products organized and make it easier for customers to find what they are looking for.
  2. Enhanced visibility: By displaying prices prominently, price strips make it easier for customers to compare prices and make purchasing decisions.
  3. Cost-effective: Price strips are an affordable way to display pricing information, especially when compared to other options like printing and laminating individual price tags.
  4. Easy to update: Price strips are easy to change or update, allowing retailers to quickly adjust prices or promotions without having to replace individual tags.
  5. Professional appearance: Price strips give a polished and professional appearance to store shelves, which can help to enhance the overall shopping experience for customers.


Material: Synthetic Paper 190gsm
Print: Color 4C(1 Side)
Cutting: Cut To Size

Percetakan Jalur Saluran Harga Rack Gondola di Malaysia

Jalur Saluran Harga Rack Gondola Terlaris

Jalur harga gondola adalah jenis pemegang label yang biasanya digunakan di kedai runcit untuk memaparkan maklumat harga di rak atau unit gondola.

Terdapat beberapa faedah menggunakan jalur harga gondola dalam suasana runcit, termasuk:

  1. Organisasi yang lebih baik: Jalur harga membantu memastikan produk tetap teratur dan memudahkan pelanggan mencari apa yang mereka cari.
  2. Penglihatan yang ditingkatkan: Dengan memperlihatkan harga dengan jelas, jalur harga memudahkan pelanggan membandingkan harga dan membuat keputusan pembelian.
  3. Kos efektif: Jalur harga adalah cara yang berpatutan untuk memaparkan maklumat harga, terutamanya jika dibandingkan dengan pilihan lain seperti mencetak dan melaminasi tanda harga individu.
  4. Mudah dikemas kini: Jalur harga mudah diubah atau dikemas kini, yang membolehkan peruncit menyesuaikan harga atau promosi dengan cepat tanpa perlu mengganti tag individu.
  5. Penampilan profesional: Jalur harga memberikan penampilan yang digilap dan profesional untuk menyimpan rak, yang dapat membantu meningkatkan keseluruhan pengalaman membeli-belah untuk pelanggan.


Bahan: Kertas Sintetik 190gsm
Cetak: Warna 4C ( 1 Sisi )
Memotong: Potong Ke Saiz


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Gondola price tag printing refers to the process of creating and printing price tags that are placed on gondola shelving units in retail stores. These tags typically include product information, pricing, and other important details that help shoppers make informed purchasing decisions.


There are a variety of printers that can be used for gondola price tag printing, including thermal printers, inkjet printers, and laser printers. The specific type of printer used will depend on factors such as the volume of tags needed, the desired print quality, and the available budget.


To create and print gondola price tags, you will need software that is designed for this purpose. Some popular options include Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, and specialized retail software such as JDA Software. These programs allow you to design and customize price tags, and then print them out using a compatible printer.


To ensure that your gondola price tags are effective and easy to read, it's important to follow some best practices. These include using a clear, legible font, choosing a contrasting color scheme for text and background, including all necessary product information, and regularly updating prices and other details as needed.


Yes, gondola price tags can be customized to meet the specific needs of your retail store or business. This may include adding logos, branding, and other design elements that help to reinforce your brand identity and make your price tags more visually appealing. Some printing software may also allow you to create tags in different sizes or formats, depending on your needs.


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