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A talented workforce coupled with advances in machine technologies has enabled us to stay progressive and competitive in both part duplication and production environments. Owing to the application of technology, our standard of living has increased. Our needs are met with greater ease.

Advancements in machine technology have led to the evolution of newer and faster modes of our production services.          



Innovative five-color printing
and incredible versatility



Graphic Arts Edition, delivers five
colour printing, along with built in


RICOH Pro C9100

Can integrate into a hybrid workflow
and delivers greater flexibility,
superb print quality and higher productivity
with faster turnaround performance.

EPSON SureColorTM SC-S80670L

Using eco-solvent ink from Epson
to bring a wide gamut of colours
that comes with a higher
image quality


RICOH Pro 8220S

High-end black and white
production printers delivering
next generation performance.



Specialty print media printing
(canvas, backlit film,
banner cloth, sticker)

RICOH Ri 100

Direct to Garment (DTG) printer.
It prints designs and photographs
directly onto garments using
state-of-the-art inkjet technology.


Canon imagePRESS C650

High-Quality even at high speeds,
mixed media and production built.


Summa S1 D60

Large and versatile flatbed
cutting for super fine details

Summa S2 160

Advanced cutting technology gor
high volume vinyl prints


Summa F1612 Flatbed Cutter

Versatile flatbed cutting for
super fine details


Jwei IT6000 Innovance

Digitally cut any shape label.

Heat Press Transfer Machine

For tshirt printing.


Mug Heat Press Machine

Transfer colorful pictures
and characters of sublimating
and dissolved printing ink onto


Hot Foil Stamping

Hard Covers/Leather Heat Press
Machine Digital Gold Foil Printing.

FM 360 Laminator

Lamination of various materials in
two operating modes, warm
lamination and hot lamination.


Paper Cutter

Silent hydraulic dual system
paper cutter.


IDEAL 6660 Paper Cutter

Paper and card cutting.

Creasing Machine

Creasers are designed to crease
your document to make it possible
for easy folding and processing.


ZE 8B Folding Machine

Folding paper in different size.


Lami Camellia 1600CL Crown
Rollers Laminator

Standard laminator with electric
control, heat assist function and
space design.

Fully Auto Roll Laminator

Auto feed + auto burst
with anti curl system.


Computerized Digital Hot Stamping

Suitable for all hard cover thesis
without using any custom made block.


Flash Stamp Machine

Clear imprinting, strong bump
feeling, no deformation after
long-term use.

Excelam 655Q Laminator

Hot lamination.


iMax Perfect Binder

Hard and soft cover


Manual Binding Machine

Punching and binding.

Hot Roll Lamination

Suitable for photos, documents,
posters and etc.


Cold Laminator

A2, A1, A0 Laminate


Paper Folding

Specialty print media printing
(canvas, backlit film,
banner cloth, sticker)

Paper Cutter

For manual paper straight cutting.


Round Corner Cutter

6-in-1 multi-function corner rounding
equipment. Good for paper, binding
covers, laminated badges, books etc.


Electrical Cutting Machine

Infrared laser indicating line,

MAX Heavy Duty Stapler HD12L/17

Heavy duty long arm stapler.


Premium Quality A3 Laminate

Versatile flatbed cutting for
super fine details


Laminate Machine

Laminator heat with heating lamp
hot and cold laminating.

Electric Paper Drilling Machine

Punching hole up to
70 sheets paper.


Photobook Maker

This booklet maker machine or
photo book station is an all-in-one
solution for efficient photo album


A4, A3 Paper Cutter

For manual cutting.

Business Card Cutter

Lamination of various materials in
two operating modes, warm
lamination and hot lamination.


Electric Corner Rounding Machine

For making the album, menu,
photo book, tender, brand label etc.


ID Card Cutter

For PVC material.

Horizon Stapler & Folder Machine

Booklet making, top/side stapling,
folding only, top stapling and folding.


Booklet Maker

For easier booklet making.

Laser Engraving Machine 9060

For acrylic cutting

Laser Engraving Machine 4030

For plastic, wood, rubber,
paper cutting.


Canon imagePROGRAF IPF9410

Large Format Printing

Contex HD Ultra X 6000

Large Format Scanners.





Contex SD3600

Large Format Scanners.