Stickers: Knowing the Types and Materials


"Understanding Sticker Types and Materials for Effective Printing"

When you print with stickers, picking the right material is just as essential as designing the sticker itself. However, many people are unable to distinguish the variations between the sticker materials to know what is best for their products and packaging



Sticker Sheet

1. Paper Sticker

Paper Stickers are the cost-effective option for stickers. This uncoated white paper stock with a natural feel is recommended for stickers that need to be written on. It is however non-waterproof. 

2. Mirrorcoat Sticker

Mirrorcoat stickers are another cost-effective alternative. They are made with glossy white based paper stickers. These stickers are mostly used for indoor purposes because it is not entirely waterproof. 

3. Synthetic Matte White

If you need a water resistant sticker, synthetic matte white could be your ideal choice. It is made with water resistant material like plastic. 

4. Synthetic Transparent

This see-through material is perfect for showcasing your product packaging if you want emphasis on your product design.

5. Kraft Sticker

Kraft stickers is made with a natural brown kraft paper sticker, this type of sticker material is well-suited for those who want their products to have a homemade or handcrafted feel. They are economical and writable. 

6. PVC

PVC Sticker is a non-clear, high quality plastic material. It’s waterproof, tear resistant and stretchable characteristics makes it suitable for outdoor use.

7. PP

PP sticker is made of high quality material that is waterproof, tear resistant and stretchable.



Sticker Roll

1. White PE

Suitable for frozen food, cosmetic, toiletries and more. It is made with water resistant material and can be stretched slightly. 

2. Silver PP

Silver PP material can give you a visual impact with its metallic shine on your sticker. Just like silver, it is shiny and glossy. 

3. Transparent OPP

This see-through material is durable, water resistant and long-lasting. Transparent OPP works well with packaging because they’re flexible and easy to apply. It is glossy with a firm base and completely waterproof.

Individual Sticker

Car Window Sticker

Car Window Sticker is made from non-adhesive cling material, which can avoid damage to the glass when removed. It is also water-proof and tear resistant.



With the right materials, your sticker will be sure to stick out among the crowd :) Just make sure that your design complements with the material for that extra boost of awesome