Bottleneck Sticker Printing in Malaysia

Print Bottleneck Sticker in Malaysia

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Adding labels to bottlenecks won’t make or break your product’s packaging look but they can make it more visually attractive by providing more design space. Using these labels can help your branding in the following ways.

  • Prominent logo placement: Logos help brands communicate their identity while also making it easier for consumers to remember the brand through symbols, graphics, or images. By putting a logo on bottleneck labels, consumers are more likely to take note of your brand than if the logo was on the primary label’s design which can make it less noticeable.
  • Gives more design space: Labels on bottles can only be so big before they start to look funky or cause label issues. Bottleneck labels, however, allow you to add more design space to products without detracting from the product’s look.
  • Adds an eye-catching detail: Store shelves and e-commerce websites are packed with products that can start to blend together as customers walk down an aisle or scroll through a page. Adding an eye-catching detail, like a foil or custom-shaped bottleneck label, decreases the chance of a customer passing by your product without a second glance.
  • Provides additional information: Bottleneck labels can be used for more than just artwork, they can also be used to provide information like your brand’s motto, year established, website address, nutrition claims, or location. By separating a piece of information from your primary label on the bottleneck, you’re helping draw attention to it rather than getting lost in the primary label’s design or on the back of the product.


Size: 30mm(W) x 70mm(H), 30mm(W) x 80mm(H), 30mm(W) x 100mm(H) and 10mm(W) x 95mm(H)

Material: Mirrorkote

Print: Color 4C(1 Side)

Cutting: Kiss Cut and Die Cut


Percetakan Pelekat Leher Botol di Malaysia

Mencetak Pelekat Leher Botol

Pelekat Leher Botol Terlaris

Menambah label pada jem tidak akan menjadikan atau memecahkan rupa pembungkusan produk anda tetapi ia boleh menjadikannya lebih menarik secara visual dengan menyediakan lebih banyak ruang reka bentuk. Menggunakan label ini boleh membantu penjenamaan anda dengan cara berikut.

  • Peletakan logo yang menonjol: Logo membantu jenama menyampaikan identiti mereka sambil turut memudahkan pengguna mengingati jenama melalui simbol, grafik atau imej. Dengan meletakkan logo pada label jem, pengguna lebih berkemungkinan mengambil perhatian tentang jenama anda berbanding jika logo itu berada pada reka bentuk label utama yang boleh menjadikannya kurang ketara.

  • Memberi lebih banyak ruang reka bentuk: Label pada botol hanya boleh menjadi begitu besar sebelum ia mula kelihatan funky atau menyebabkan masalah label. Label bottleneck, bagaimanapun, membolehkan anda menambah lebih banyak ruang reka bentuk pada produk tanpa menjejaskan rupa produk.
  • Menambah perincian yang menarik perhatian: Rak kedai dan tapak web e-dagang dipenuhi dengan produk yang boleh mula digabungkan semasa pelanggan berjalan di lorong atau menatal halaman. Menambah perincian yang menarik perhatian, seperti kerajang atau label kesesakan berbentuk tersuai, mengurangkan peluang pelanggan melalui produk anda tanpa sekali pandang.
  • Menyediakan maklumat tambahan: Label bottleneck boleh digunakan untuk lebih daripada sekadar karya seni, ia juga boleh digunakan untuk memberikan maklumat seperti moto jenama anda, tahun ditubuhkan, alamat tapak web, tuntutan pemakanan atau lokasi. Dengan mengasingkan sekeping maklumat daripada label utama anda pada kesesakan, anda membantu menarik perhatian kepadanya daripada tersesat dalam reka bentuk label utama atau di belakang produk.


Saiz: 30mm(W) x 70mm(H), 30mm(W) x 80mm(H), 30mm(W) x 100mm(H) dan 10mm(W) x 95mm(H)

Bahan: Mirrorkote

Cetakan: Warna 4C(1 Bahagian)

Memotong: Kiss Cut dan Die Cut

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A bottle neck sticker is a label or sticker that is placed around the neck of a bottle, usually to promote a product or provide information.

A digital bottle neck sticker is a virtual version of a bottle neck sticker that can be displayed on digital platforms, such as social media, websites, and mobile apps.

 Yes, digital bottle neck stickers can be used on all types of bottles, including glass, plastic, and metal

You can measure the success of a digital bottle neck sticker campaign by tracking engagement metrics, such as the number of clicks, likes, shares, and conversions. You can also survey your audience to gather feedback and insights on their experience with the campaign.

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