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Flyers are one of the most versatile, effective, and affordable marketing tools. For years, businesses have used them to promote their products, services, and special offers. Though social media is a good way to do similar promotions, flyers still work well and have the benefit of tangibility. When handed a flyer, if we accept it, we read it. So, this established marketing technique still works and is viable for small businesses and start-ups who want to make a name for themselves in their market

Specification :

Size = 

  1. A3 ( 297mm x 420mm)
  2. A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  3. A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Material =

  • Simili 80gsm
  • Simili 100gsm
  • Simili140gsm
  • Art Paper 100gsm
  • Art Paper 128gsm
  • Matte Art Paper 130gsm
  • Art Paper 150gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 230gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 250gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 310gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 360gsm

Print = 

  • Colour 4C (1 Side)
  • Colour 4C (2 Side)

Finishing =

  1. Cut To Size
  2. Half Fold
  3. 2 z-Fold
  4. 3-z Fold

Print Flyer Murah Di Malaysia

Percetakan Flyer Murah Terlaris

Flyers adalah salah satu alat pemasaran yang paling serba boleh, berkesan dan berpatutan. Selama bertahun-tahun, perniagaan telah menggunakannya untuk mempromosikan produk, perkhidmatan dan tawaran istimewa mereka. Walaupun media sosial adalah cara yang baik untuk melakukan promosi yang serupa, risalah masih berfungsi dengan baik dan mempunyai manfaat ketara. Apabila dihulurkan risalah, jika kita menerimanya, kita membacanya. Jadi, teknik pemasaran yang mantap ini masih berfungsi dan berdaya maju untuk perniagaan kecil dan pemula yang ingin mencipta nama di pasaran mereka


Saiz =

  1. A3 (297mm x 420mm)
  2. A4 (210mm x 297mm)
  3. A5 (148mm x 210mm)

Bahan =

  • Simili 80gsm
  • Simili 100gsm
  • Simili140gsm
  • Art Paper 100gsm
  • Art Paper 128gsm
  • Matte Art Paper 130gsm
  • Art Paper 150gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 230gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 250gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 310gsm
  • Gloss Art Card 360gsm

Cetak =

  • Warna 4C (1 Bahagian)
  • Warna 4C (2 Bahagian)

Penamat =

  1. Potong mengikut saiz
  2. Separuh Lipat
  3. 2 z-Lipatan
  4. 3-z Lipatan



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Flyers are a form of paper advertisement used to promote a product or an event. They are a very versatile marketing tool that can help you grow your business and acquire new customers.

Digital printing is suitable for short run. As it does not require to produce the metal plates for printing use, there is no set-up cost involved. You can print as low as 1 piece.

For Offset Printing, the metal plates for printing use is required. Regardless the quantity you are printing, the set up cost is fixed. Customers often use Offset Printing to print in large quantities.

Due to the different types of ink used in Digital Printing and Offset Printing, the results appearance is different. Digital ink usually gives a glossy look while Offset ink gives a matte look.

We are using digital and offset printing for this product.

For your , you can choose between 80g simili paper, 100g simili paper, gloss art paper 100gsm, gloss art paper 128gsm and gloss art paper 150gsm 

A flyer is a small printed promotional piece that is typically handed out or distributed to advertise an event, product, service, or business.

Flyers are a cost-effective marketing tool that can reach a wide audience. They are portable, easily distributed, and can contain eye-catching visuals and concise information to grab attention and convey key messages.

A flyer should typically include compelling visuals, a catchy headline, relevant information about the event, product, or service being promoted, contact details, and a call-to-action to encourage recipients to take action.

Flyers are commonly printed on lightweight, glossy or matte paper. The choice of paper depends on your design preferences and budget.

Flyers can be distributed in various ways, such as handing them out in public places, placing them on bulletin boards, including them in direct mail campaigns, or leaving them at relevant establishments or events.

Design a flyer with a clear and visually appealing layout. Use eye-catching colors, legible fonts, and high-quality images. Ensure that the important information stands out and is easy to read.

Your file can be uploaded either before you checkout and pay, or after. Please note that uploading files late might result in a moved expected delivery date.

The best format for submitting print-ready files is PDF, under the PDF/X-1a standard. Learn how to save your artwork using PDF/X-1a standard in Adobe Illustrator. Our graphic designers will then convert your file into a print-ready PDF file.

Price Calculator

A4 (210mm x 297mm)A5 (148mm x 210mm)
Gloss Art Card 310gsmGloss Art Card 360gsm
Matte (Front)Gloss (Both)Matte (Both)
1Fa - Landscape2Fa - Landscape2Fb - Landscape3Fa - Landscape
Cut To Size
1Fa - Landscape
2Fa - Landscape
2Fb - Landscape
3Fa - Landscape
Total : RM740.43
Unit Price :RM2.96

Estimated Total : RM740.43

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