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We’ve all come into contact with food menus that have seen better days. The color has faded and the sides are beginning to peel and split either due to the length of time that it has occupied that particular space or due to the conditions in which it has been kept. Well with waterproof food many you can extend the period of time that you can expect your posters to last thus keeping your message looking fresher for longer. Tougher and more durable than laminated printing – not to mention less expensive – waterproof food menus are the ideal solution for anyone looking to advertise for a medium to the long-term length of time in an area that is exposed to the elements. 

Some restaurants or stores don’t want to be limited to advertising indoors alone, then waterproof food menus are an ideal solution. A waterproof food menu can withstand a great deal of wear and tear and is protected against water damage. The colors of your poster will take much longer to run or fade, and your message will resonate with your intended audience for longer – effectively providing a more effective advert. 


Size: A4 (210mm x 297mm)

Bind Type: Saddle Stitch

Orientation: Portrait


Material: Synthetic PVC 175gsm and Synthetic PVC 275gsm

Print: 4C (1 Side) and 4C (2 Side)


Material: Synthetic PVC 175gsm and Synthetic PVC 275gsm

Print: 4C (2 Side) and 1C (2 Side)

Pages: 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24


Percetakan Menu Makanan Kalis Air di Malaysia

Percetakan Menu Makanan Kalis Air Terlaris

Kita semua telah bersentuhan dengan menu makanan yang telah mengalami hari yang lebih baik. Warnanya telah pudar dan bahagian tepinya mula mengelupas dan berpecah sama ada disebabkan tempoh masa ia telah menduduki ruang tertentu atau disebabkan oleh keadaan di mana ia telah disimpan. Dengan makanan kalis air meny anda boleh memanjangkan tempoh masa yang anda boleh jangkakan poster anda bertahan sekali gus memastikan mesej anda kelihatan lebih segar lebih lama. Lebih sukar dan lebih tahan lama daripada cetakan berlamina – apatah lagi lebih murah – menu makanan kalis air adalah penyelesaian ideal untuk sesiapa sahaja yang ingin mengiklankan untuk jangka masa sederhana hingga panjang di kawasan yang terdedah kepada unsur-unsur.

Sesetengah restoran atau kedai tidak mahu terhad kepada pengiklanan di dalam rumah sahaja, maka menu makanan kalis air adalah penyelesaian yang ideal. Menu makanan kalis air boleh menahan banyak haus dan lusuh dan dilindungi daripada kerosakan air. Warna poster anda akan mengambil masa yang lebih lama untuk disiarkan atau pudar, dan mesej anda akan bergema dengan khalayak yang anda inginkan untuk lebih lama – dengan berkesan memberikan iklan yang lebih berkesan.

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A restaurant food menu folder is a specialized folder designed to hold and display menus in a restaurant setting. It provides a professional and organized presentation of food and beverage offerings to customers.

Menu folders offer several advantages for restaurants. They provide a neat and organized way to present menus to customers, enhancing the overall dining experience. Menu folders can protect menus from spills, stains, and wear, prolonging their lifespan. They also allow for easy menu updates or replacements as the restaurant's offerings change.

Yes, menu folders are designed to be easy to clean and maintain. Most materials used in menu folder construction can be wiped clean with a damp cloth or mild cleaning solution. It is important to follow the manufacturer's cleaning instructions for specific materials to ensure their longevity.

Yes, menu folders often have extra pockets or sleeves to hold additional inserts or promotional materials such as wine lists, special offers, or upcoming event flyers. This feature allows restaurants to showcase additional information to enhance the dining experience.

Menu folders are primarily designed for indoor use in a restaurant setting. While they can withstand occasional outdoor use in covered or protected areas, extended exposure to outdoor elements like rain or sunlight may damage the materials and affect their appearance and durability.

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