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The Art Of Advertising And Promotion Has Been Proven To Influence And Inform Customers. Magnets Are A Great, Convenient Way To Market Who You Are And The Services You Provide. Let's Take A Closer Look At The Variety Of Ways Refrigerator Magnets Can Set Your Company Apart And Help Bring In Customers.

1. Referrals
In Today's World Of Inbound Marketing, Customer Experience Is Key. Referrals From Promotional Products Can Play A Big Role In This. Ask Yourself This: How Many Of Your New Clients Come From A Referral? According To A Promotional Products Association International Study:

88% of people can remember the advertiser on a promotional product.
85% of people do business with the company featured on a promotional product.
91% of promotional products are used in the kitchen.
As A Result, The Chances Of Your Customers Seeing Your Name, Logo And Branding Are Very High When You Use Promotional Fridge Magnets. It Provides A Strong Platform To Advertise Your Business And Get Noticed Over And Over Again.

2. Design Flexibility
Never Underestimate The Power Of Visuals In The World Of Business. If You Can Capture The Right Look And Feel In A Memorable Way For Your Customers, You Can Open A Lot Of Doors. 

When It Comes To Design, Refrigerator Magnets Give Your Business A Lot Of Leeway. While Some Companies Opt For A Classic Look And Use Magnetic Business Cards, Others Go For Customized, Distinct Shapes As A Unique Way To Promote Their Company.

If You're Seeking A Fun, Affordable Alternative, You Can Capture All Of The Same Information On A Whimsical-Shaped Fridge Magnet. For Example, If You Offer Home Renovation Services, You May Wish To Have A Magnet In The Shape Of A House Or A Yard Sign To Really Catch People's Eyes. Other Businesses May Opt To Use Kitchen Conversion Magnets, Calendar Magnets Or Something Else With Useful Information Your Customers Will Want To See On A Daily Basis.

With A Wide Range Of Design Options, Your Promotional Fridge Magnets Can Have A Look That's On-Brand And Extremely Impactful.

3. Marketing That Sticks
Commercials On Television Present The Risk Of A Potential Customer Changing The Channel. Flyers In The Mail Are Most Likely Tossed. Unlike Other Forms Of Advertising, Fridge Magnets Tend To Get Stuck Somewhere And Remain In Eyesight For Quite Some Time.

At A Price Of Just Pennies, Promotional Magnets Are Extremely Cost-Effective. Your Business Can Receive Impressions That Are Unbeatable Compared To Any Other Kind Of Promotional Product.

4. Thank You
Your Customers Are Number One, Right? It's Time To Show Them Your Appreciation! When You Hand Out Magnets To Advertise Your Business, They Can Also Act As Mini Gifts. According To A Study Conducted By Survey Inc., Customers Who Receive Any Type Of Promotional Item Express A More Positive Attitude Towards That Company. Refrigerator Magnets Used As Promotional Gifts Make Your Customers Happy And Help Your Business Get The Recognition It Deserves. This Benefits Both Parties And, Ultimately, Provides The Opportunity To Get Your Company More Sales. 

Specification : 

Size : 50mm x 50mm , 70mm x 70mm, 55mm x 90mm, 80mm x 80mm, 85mm x 85mm, 55mm x 150mm, 85mm x 145mm, 93mm x 130mm, 95mm x 190mm and 135mm x 165mm

Material: White Sticker + Magnet

Print : 4C (1 Side)

Thickness: 0.5mm

Fridge magnet maximum size is 148mm x 210mm. 
Size larger than 148mm x 210mm, need to order at standard size car magnet or custom size car magnet.



Percetakan Magnet Peti Sejuk di Malaysia.

Percetakan Magnet Peti Sejuk Terlaris

Seni Iklan dan Promosi Telah Terbukti Mempengaruhi Dan Memaklumkan kepada Pelanggan. Magnet Adalah Cara yang Hebat dan Nyaman untuk Memasarkan Siapa Anda Dan Perkhidmatan yang Anda Sediakan. Mari Lihat Lebih Dekat Pelbagai Cara Magnet Peti Sejuk Dapat Menyiapkan Syarikat Anda dan Membantu Membawa Pelanggan.

1. Rujukan
Dalam World Of Inbound Marketing Hari Ini, Pengalaman Pelanggan Adalah Kunci. Rujukan Dari Produk Promosi Boleh Memainkan Peranan Besar Dalam Ini. Tanya Diri Anda Ini: Berapa Banyak Pelanggan Baru Anda Dari Rujukan? Menurut Kajian Antarabangsa Persatuan Produk Promosi:

88% orang dapat mengingati pengiklan pada produk promosi.
85% orang berniaga dengan syarikat yang dipaparkan pada produk promosi.
91% produk promosi digunakan di dapur.
Hasilnya, Kemungkinan Pelanggan Anda Melihat Nama, Logo Dan Penjenamaan Anda Sangat Tinggi Apabila Anda Menggunakan Magnet Peti Sejuk Promosi. Ini Menyediakan Platform yang Kuat Untuk Mengiklankan Perniagaan Anda Dan Perhatikan Lagi Lagi.

2. Fleksibiliti Reka Bentuk
Tidak Pernah Meremehkan Kekuatan Visual Dalam Dunia Perniagaan. Sekiranya Anda Dapat Menangkap Rupa dan Rasa Yang Betul Dengan Cara Yang Mengingati Pelanggan Anda, Anda Boleh Membuka Banyak Pintu. 

Ketika Merancang, Magnet Peti Sejuk Memberi Perniagaan Anda Banyak Leeway. Walaupun Beberapa Syarikat Memilih Kad Perniagaan Magnetik Tampilan dan Penggunaan Klasik, Yang Lain Mendapatkan Bentuk yang Disesuaikan dan Berbeza Sebagai Cara Unik Untuk Mempromosikan Syarikat Mereka.

Sekiranya Anda Mencari Alternatif yang Menyeronokkan dan Mampu, Anda Boleh Menangkap Semua Maklumat Yang Sama Pada Magnet Peti Sejuk yang Berbentuk Whimsical. Contohnya, Sekiranya Anda Menawarkan Perkhidmatan Pengubahsuaian Rumah, Anda Mungkin Ingin Mempunyai Magnet Dalam Bentuk Rumah Atau Tanda Halaman Untuk Benar-benar Menangkap Mata Orang. Perniagaan Lain Boleh Memilih Untuk Menggunakan Magnet Penukaran Dapur, Magnet Kalendar Atau Sesuatu yang Lain Dengan Maklumat Berguna Pelanggan Anda Ingin Melihat Asas Harian.

Dengan Pelbagai Pilihan Reka Bentuk, Magnet Peti Sejuk Promosi Anda Dapat Melihat Itu Jenama dan Sangat Berkesan.

3. Pemasaran Itu Sticks
Iklan Di Televisyen Mempersembahkan Risiko Pelanggan Berpotensi Mengubah Saluran. Flyers In The Mail Kemungkinan besar dilemparkan. Tidak seperti Bentuk Pengiklanan Lain, Magnet Peti Sejuk cenderung Terjebak Di Suatu Tempat Dan Kekal Dalam Penglihatan Sudah Beberapa Waktu.

Dengan Harga Hanya Duit, Magnet Promosi Sangat Berkesan. Perniagaan Anda Boleh Menerima Kesan Yang Tidak Terkalahkan Berbanding dengan Jenis Produk Promosi Lain.

4. Terima kasih
Pelanggan Anda Nombor Satu, bukan? Sudah tiba masanya untuk menunjukkan penghargaan anda! Apabila Anda Menyerahkan Magnet Untuk Mengiklankan Perniagaan Anda, Mereka Juga Boleh Bertindak Sebagai Hadiah Mini. Menurut Kajian yang Dilakukan Oleh Survey Inc., Pelanggan yang Menerima Segala Jenis Item Promosi Menyatakan Sikap Lebih Positif Ke Arah Syarikat Itu. Magnet Peti Sejuk Digunakan Sebagai Hadiah Promosi Jadikan Pelanggan Anda Bahagia Dan Bantu Perniagaan Anda Dapatkan Pengiktirafan yang Layak. Ini Memberi Manfaat kepada Kedua-dua Pihak Dan, Pada akhirnya, Memberi Peluang Untuk Mendapatkan Jualan Lebih Banyak Syarikat Anda. 

Spesifikasi : 

Saiz: 50mm x 50mm, 70mm x 70mm, 55mm x 90mm, 80mm x 80mm, 85mm x 85mm, 55mm x 150mm, 85mm x 145mm, 93mm x 130mm, 95mm x 190mm dan 135mm x 165mm

Bahan: Pelekat Putih + Magnet

Cetak: 4C ( 1 Sisi )

Ketebalan: 0.5mm

Ukuran maksimum magnet peti sejuk ialah 148mm x 210mm. 
Ukuran lebih besar dari 148mm x 210mm, perlu dipesan pada magnet kereta bersaiz standard atau magnet kereta ukuran tersuai.

Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


The fastest delivery time for multiple design sticker sheets is undefined. Please note that you have to submit your order before 12.00PM. Late payment or upload of your artwork might further delay your order. If you select Online Proof or Digital Proof Print during the checkout process, the production will only begin after your approval.

All of our products are delivered in a securely packed cardboard box.

If you can't find what you need, please call our customer service team at the above-mentioned number to help you place an order. You can also request a quote from our customer service team for special product configurations that are not available on our website.

Fridge magnets work by using magnetic force to stick to metal surfaces, such as refrigerators or other metal objects. The magnets have a north and south pole, and when placed on a metal surface, they create a magnetic field that holds the magnet in place.


Fridge magnets are commonly used for decoration, to hold up notes or papers on a fridge or other magnetic surface, or as souvenirs or promotional items.


Yes, many companies offer custom fridge magnets that can be personalized with a design, logo, or message of your choice. These can be great for promotional purposes or as gifts.


To clean your fridge magnets, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth or sponge. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or scrubbing too hard, as this can damage the magnet or the surface it is attached to.


Fridge magnets are generally considered safe, although small children should be supervised when playing with them to avoid accidentally swallowing them. If a magnet is swallowed, seek medical attention immediately

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