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Roll label printing is an effective, cost effective way to label beautiful products in large or very large volumes. Thus, the customer’s label will become more complete when sticking to the package or product that needs to be labeled. Roll label can meet most kinds of ingredients that customers need. When you’re working with roll labels, you can easily print custom product labels in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your needs. That allows more creativity and flexibility when designing your packaging. You can even do special runs of small promotional labels for sales events and seasonal marketing pushes. The unique label shapes on your products will help set you apart from the competition.

Specification :

Size - 50mm x 20mm, 50mm x 30mm, 60mm x 40mm, 70mm x 30mm, 80mm x 60mm, 20mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm

Paper - 

  • Mirrorkote
  • Printing Paper

Print Colour - 4C

Paper Core - 25mm, 40mm, 76mm

Roll type - 

  • Roll In 
  • Roll Out

Final Roll Direction - 

  • 3 O'Clock
  • 6 O'Clock
  • 9 O'Clock
  • 12 O'Clock

Cetakan Borang Gulung Pelekat Label Di Malaysia

Cetak Borang Gulung Pelekat Label

Pelekat Bergulung Terlaris

Percetakan label gulung ialah cara yang berkesan dan kos efektif untuk melabelkan produk yang cantik dalam jumlah yang besar atau sangat besar. Oleh itu, label pelanggan akan menjadi lebih lengkap apabila melekat pada pakej atau produk yang perlu dilabel. Label gulung boleh memenuhi kebanyakan jenis bahan yang diperlukan oleh pelanggan.  Apabila anda bekerja dengan label gulungan, anda boleh mencetak label produk tersuai dengan mudah dalam pelbagai bentuk dan saiz yang berbeza untuk memenuhi keperluan anda. Itu membolehkan lebih kreativiti dan fleksibiliti semasa mereka bentuk pembungkusan anda. Anda juga boleh melakukan larian khas label promosi kecil untuk acara jualan dan dorongan pemasaran bermusim. Bentuk label unik pada produk anda akan membantu membezakan anda daripada persaingan.


Saiz - 50mm x 20mm, 50mm x 30mm, 60mm x 40mm, 70mm x 30mm, 80mm x 60mm, 20mm x 20mm, 30mm x 30mm

kertas -

  • Mirrorkote
  • Kertas Cetakan

Warna Cetakan - 4C

Teras Kertas - 25mm, 40mm, 76mm

Jenis gulungan -

  • Gulung Masuk
  • Gulung Keluar

Arah Gulungan Akhir -

  • Pukul 3
  • Pukul 6
  • Pukul 9
  • Pukul 12
Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


It is difficult to generalize how long your sticker will last as it depends on the material and its usage. Generally speaking, our PVC multiple design sticker sheets will last a bit longer than our paper multiple design sticker sheets as they are laminated.

The lifetime of sticker depends on its usage. Paper stickers are generally great for indoor use while PVC or Vinyl stickers will last longer in direct sunlight or outside.

The fastest delivery time for multiple design sticker sheets is undefined. Please note that you have to submit your order before 12.00PM. Late payment or upload of your artwork might further delay your order. If you select Online Proof or Digital Proof Print during the checkout process, the production will only begin after your approval.

All of our products are delivered in a securely packed cardboard box.

If you can't find what you need, please call our customer service team at the above-mentioned number to help you place an order. You can also request a quote from our customer service team for special product configurations that are not available on our website.

We offer four different types of material for multiple design sticker sheets: 1) Simili stickers, a paper material that is tearable and only suitable for indoor use. 2) Mirrorcoat stickers, also a paper material but with a mirror-like gloss on the surface. Not entirely waterproof and only suitable for indoor use. 3) Synthetic matte white stickers, a plastic-like material that is non-tearable and waterproof. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 4) Synthetic transparent stickers, also a plastic-like material, but with the added benefit of being transparent.

 Label stickers in roll form can be printed using a variety of methods, including digital printing, flexographic printing, letterpress printing, or offset printing.


The minimum order quantity for label stickers in roll form can vary depending on the printing company and the size of the stickers you need. Some companies may have a minimum order quantity of 500 labels, while others may require a larger order.


Yes, many printing companies offer custom design and logo options for label stickers in roll form. You can upload your own design or work with a professional designer to create a custom design for your labels.


The size of your label stickers in roll form will depend on the specific application and the size of the product or packaging they will be applied to. It's important to measure the surface area where the label will be applied and choose a size that will fit appropriately.


Production and shipping times can vary depending on the printing company and the size of your order. Some companies offer rush processing and expedited shipping options for an additional fee. It's important to check with the printing company about their estimated production and shipping times before placing an order.

Your file can be uploaded either before you checkout and pay, or after. Please note that uploading files late might result in a moved expected delivery date.

The best format for submitting print-ready files is PDF, under the PDF/X-1a standard. Learn how to save your artwork using PDF/X-1a standard in Adobe Illustrator. Our graphic designers will then convert your file into a print-ready PDF file.

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