CMYK Printing

What does this 4 colour stands for?

For your information,this 4 colour stands for CMYK which are Cyan,Magenta,Yellow and KeyA printing press uses dots of ink to make up the image from these four colours.

‘Key’ actually means black. It’s called Key because it’s the main colour used to determine the image outcome. Black ink provides depth and shading, whereas the other colours create different colours on the spectrum depending on how they are mixed.

For example, cyan and yellow create a green when one is overlaid on the other.


Why Do Printers Use CMYK ?

  • This is because CMYK is easier to standardise.That means we can keep all of your print products looking perfectly consistent throughout the print run. There are so many minute variations possible in RGB that it is nigh on impossible to guarantee consistency of colours across a print run, or even between different print runs. 

  • CYMK can be monitored using a GMG scanner and the related software. This allows each printing press to be calibrated to produce a standard colour, regardless of each machine’s individual characteristics.

  • This is why commercial printers use CMYK most frequently, as it helps to ensure consistency of colour across print runs and also across machines. 

  • Another big reason is because when you print onto paper, you’re adding pigmented colours onto a white canvas, making it darker – which is why we use subtractive, CMYK colours for printing.