table and chair printing

Table and Chair Set Digital

Starts at RM2,835.53
Print Fabric Banner Stand

Fabric Banner Stand Offset

A light weight fabric banner stand. Available in two sides; single and double sided. All custom printed banners have the ability to welcome replacement graphics. Enabling your business to keep a fresh display stand for upcoming events and shows throughout the year. Reuse, store and reprint graphics as and when required.

Starts at RM1,232.40
Print Fabric Display Rack

Fabric Display Rack Offset

Fabric Display Rack suitable as a trade show equipment, exhibitions, stalls promotions, display, business promotions, etc.

Starts at RM2,670.20
Print Fabric Display Wall

Fabric Display Wall Offset

Fabric Display Wall are applied for backdrop, indoor activities, shooting venue, wedding & birthday backdrop.

Starts at RM1,658.80
Print Fabric Promotional Counter

Fabric Promotional Counter Offset

Ideal as a focal point for customers or for displaying products.

Starts at RM683.30
Print Pop Up Fabric Wall

Pop Up Fabric Wall Offset

Use as a portable, lightweight and easy-to-assemble backdrop for indoor events and marketing messages.

Starts at RM2,756.00