Wrap Sticker for Locker

Locker Sticker Wrapping


Make your locker stand out from the crowd with custom-sized locker sticker wrapping from Printlab !

We offer a wide range of colors and designs to choose from, so you can create a look that is truly unique. And because our stickers are digitally printed, you can be sure that your design will be reproduced with perfect accuracy.

Why choose custom-sized locker sticker wrapping?

  • It's a great way to express your personality. Your locker is your own space, so why not decorate it in a way that reflects you? With custom-sized locker sticker wrapping, you can create a look that is as unique as you are.
  • It's a fun and easy way to personalize your locker. Simply upload your design to our website and we'll do the rest. We'll print your sticker to your exact specifications and ship it to you right away.
  • It's a durable and affordable way to protect your locker. Our locker stickers are made from high-quality materials, so they can withstand the wear and tear of everyday use. And because they're custom-sized, they'll fit your locker perfectly.

We'll print your stickers to your exact specifications and ship them to you right away. You'll have your custom-wrapped locker in no time!

Order your custom-sized locker sticker wrapping today and make your locker stand out from the crowd !

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Balut Pelekat untuk Loker

Pembalut Pelekat Loker


Jadikan loker anda menonjol daripada orang ramai dengan pembalut pelekat loker bersaiz tersuai daripada Printlab !

Kami menawarkan pelbagai warna dan reka bentuk untuk dipilih, supaya anda boleh mencipta rupa yang benar-benar unik. Dan kerana pelekat kami dicetak secara digital, anda boleh yakin bahawa reka bentuk anda akan diterbitkan semula dengan ketepatan yang sempurna.

Mengapa memilih pembalut pelekat loker bersaiz tersuai?

  • Ini cara yang bagus untuk menyatakan keperibadian anda. Loker anda adalah ruang anda sendiri, jadi mengapa tidak menghiasinya dengan cara yang mencerminkan anda? Dengan pembalut pelekat loker bersaiz tersuai, anda boleh mencipta rupa yang unik seperti anda.
  • Ini cara yang menyeronokkan dan mudah untuk memperibadikan loker anda. Hanya muat naik reka bentuk anda ke tapak web kami dan kami akan melakukan yang lain. Kami akan mencetak pelekat anda mengikut spesifikasi tepat anda dan menghantarnya kepada anda dengan segera.
  • Ia adalah cara yang tahan lama dan berpatutan untuk melindungi loker anda. Pelekat loker kami diperbuat daripada bahan berkualiti tinggi, jadi ia boleh menahan haus dan lusuh penggunaan harian. Dan kerana ia bersaiz tersuai, ia sesuai dengan loker anda dengan sempurna.

Kami akan mencetak pelekat anda mengikut spesifikasi tepat anda dan menghantarnya kepada anda dengan segera. Anda akan mendapat loker yang dibalut tersuai dalam masa yang singkat!

Pesan pembalut pelekat loker bersaiz tersuai anda hari ini dan jadikan loker anda menonjol daripada orang ramai!

All job MUST be submitted with resolution

* Please save your artwork in PDF File without guideline.

Please be informed, processing day is 7 working days after artwork confirmation.


Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.


The fastest delivery time for multiple design sticker sheets is undefined. Please note that you have to submit your order before 12.00PM. Late payment or upload of your artwork might further delay your order. If you select Online Proof or Digital Proof Print during the checkout process, the production will only begin after your approval.

All of our products are delivered in a securely packed cardboard box.

If you can't find what you need, please call our customer service team at the above-mentioned number to help you place an order. You can also request a quote from our customer service team for special product configurations that are not available on our website.

Your file can be uploaded either before you checkout and pay, or after. Please note that uploading files late might result in a moved expected delivery date.

The best format for submitting print-ready files is PDF, under the PDF/X-1a standard. Learn how to save your artwork using PDF/X-1a standard in Adobe Illustrator. Our graphic designers will then convert your file into a print-ready PDF file.

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