Folding Flyers Type Available in Printlab


Folding Flyers: Explore our Printlab's Variety of Types and Designs

Folding flyers are a versatile marketing tool that can be used to promote a wide variety of businesses and events. They are typically printed on one side of a sheet of paper and then folded in half, thirds, or quarters. This allows you to pack more information into a smaller space and makes your flyer easier to read and transport.

Printlab offers a variety of folding flyer types and designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your needs. Our most popular folding flyer types include:


Half Fold

A half-fold flyer is a type of folded flyer that is created by folding a standard-sized sheet of paper in half, resulting in four panels or pages. This folding method divides the sheet into two equal halves, with the front and back cover forming the outer panels, and the inner panels containing the content.  The half-fold flyer provides a compact and easy-to-handle format for displaying information, making it a popular choice for various purposes such as advertising, event promotion, or informational brochures. It allows you to organize your content into different sections, making it easier for readers to navigate and digest the information.  When designing a half-fold flyer, it's important to consider the placement of your content to ensure it flows logically when the flyer is unfolded. 


2z fold flyer

A 2Z-fold flyer, also known as a zigzag or accordion fold flyer, is a type of folded flyer that creates a zigzag pattern when unfolded. It is created by folding a sheet of paper into three equal sections, with two parallel folds that alternate directions, hence the name "2Z-fold."  When the 2Z-fold flyer is completely unfolded, it forms a long and continuous display of six panels or pages. The zigzag pattern allows for a sequential presentation of information, with each panel easily visible as the flyer is unfolded. This type of fold provides a unique and engaging format that can capture the reader's attention and encourage them to explore the content further.  The 2Z-fold flyer is particularly effective for storytelling or presenting a step-by-step process. Each panel can be used to showcase different aspects of a product or service, highlight key features or benefits, display visual elements, or convey a narrative. This format also offers ample space for including images, charts, or infographics, making it suitable for conveying complex information in a visually appealing manner.


Tri-fold (2Fa)

A tri-fold flyer is a popular type of folded flyer that is created by folding a standard-sized sheet of paper into three equal sections, resulting in six panels or pages. This folding method divides the sheet into three sections that fold over each other like an accordion, hence the name "tri-fold.  "The tri-fold flyer provides a convenient and compact format for displaying information. When folded, it appears as a brochure-like piece with a front cover, back cover, and four additional panels inside. Each panel can be utilized to convey different aspects of your message, making it ideal for presenting a combination of text, images, and graphics.


3-z Fold Flyer

A 3-Z fold flyer is a type of folding flyer that is folded in three zigzags, creating four panels of text and images. The first fold is made in half, the second fold is made in half from the opposite side, and the third fold is made in half from the same side as the first fold. This creates a fan-like shape that is easy to open and close.